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2023: APC’ll Crash In Turbulence ― Wike

Governor Nyesom Wike has warned that arriving at a presidential candidate for the 2023 election will not be easy for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) but it will even be tougher for the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) which he said will not survive the turbulence that will come. 

Speaking on a television interview in Port Harcourt Thursday, he also said that the fact that the next national chairman of the main opposition party had emerged from the north does not necessarily mean that the zone where the presidential candidate will come from has been determined. 

Governor Wike said there will be disagreement among party stakeholders over the selection of the presidential candidate but the PDP will weather the turbulence. 

According to him, “The fact that the PDP national chairman came from the north and the one that just left came from the south, that does not in any way mean that we have chosen where our presidential candidate will come from. People are assuming that, that being the case, that is what will happen. That may be correct and that may not be correct.

“We will choose a candidate that is prepared to face the All Progressives Congress and their government. We are praying to God to help us, guide us to arrive at that choice. But that does not mean in arriving at this, there won’t be turbulence.

“There are two types of turbulence; the one that leads to crash and the one that you pass through and it does not lead to crash. Our own turbulence will not lead to crash because we will come out of it but APC’s turbulence will lead to crash.

“If I tell you in PDP, we won’t go through turbulence, then, I am not being fair. There will be serious disagreements but it is not the type of turbulence that we can’t come out of. The turbulence in APC is so severe that it will crash but our own turbulence is normal turbulence.”

Governor Wike asserted that Nigerians are fed up with the APC and looking forward to the PDP assuming power at the centre in 2023. 

“Nigerians are tired of the misrule of APC and will not allow their evil to continue beyond 2023.”

Credit: Nigerian Tribune


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