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2023 Election: Chief Okeke insists on Igbo presidency, congratulates Soludo

By Ifeoma Ejiofor

Ahead the 2023 general elections, the former chairman of Police Service Commission (PSC) Chief Simon Okeke says denying an Igboman to ascend the presidency will be the highest level of marginalization against Ndigbo.

Chief Okeke stated this during an interaction with journalists in his Akatar residence in Amichi in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State.

The former police boss noted that it is imperative for all hands to be on the deck to ensure that an Igboman emerges the Nigeria president come 2023 so that all the inherent tension and agitations that are associated with marginalization of South East people in the scheme of things in the country can be abated.

Chief Okeke said that the South East political zone is blessed with eminently qualified personalities who can give the country a responsible and responsive leadership but added quickly that there is urgent need for the political class in the zone to discus with stakeholders in other zones.

“Its not just the Northerners that are showing interest in the 2023 presidency, South West, Middle Belt and even the South South zone are all showing interest. There is a genuine demand by Ndigbo for the exalted office if we go by the fact that the South East has never been given the chance to head the presidency. It is the highest level of marginalization. What is good is good, what is bad is bad. Chief Ayo Adebanjo of Afenifere has been consistent on Igbo presidency so also are some other people from other zones, any Igbo man saying the contrary must have his DNA checked.

“The calibre of people in government today who are supposed to show interest in the presidency are Lilliputs, we have not gotten that calibre of people who speak with authority, the edge associated with Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Emeka Ojukwu is gone. Its unfortunate, the golden age of the die hard Igbo character is gone. Look at the governors jumping from one political party to the other without any sign of doing that on the basis of any ideological leaning.” He said.

Chief Okeke however noted that every age has its own warriors, but added that the warriors of this age are not as strong as the past leaders even as he expressed the optimism that the next crop of leaders would be vibrant.

The former PSC boss pointed out that the claims that Igbo are never together is a fallacy drummed by those in charge of media noting that no ethnic group can be as together as Ndigbo.

“The Igbo presidency project should not be seen as the exclusive prerogative of the ruling class, there are so many high flying individuals who have distinguished themselves but the problem in the present reality is monetary politics being practiced in Nigeria today. Zik borrowed to support his press. But today it is people who have money that go into politics as if once you have money, you have the brain to govern. A person like Prof Kingsley Moghalu is a very good presidential material.

“Ndigbo should make more efforts to galvanize other interests and geo political zones to key into Igbo presidency, Peter Obi, Soludo and many others spread across Igboland are capable of giving Nigeria a quality leadership but some of them are not forthcoming because they lack the wherewithal. In the past people appealed and sponsor good political materials but no longer so today.” He insisted.

Chief Okeke while commenting on the just concluded Anambra State governorship election congratulated the people of the state for the peaceful exercise noting that the hitch free election has proved once again that the state is truly the Light of the Nation.

The former police boss also congratulated the winner of the November 6 polls, Prof Soludo who according to him possesses all the qualities to make the light of Anambra State shine brighter. He said further “People including me are full of hopes and I must say he has worked with me, he is a very intelligent and practical person.

“By and large, Anambra is lucky because each succeeding governor always performs better than his predecessor. Obiano has done a lot inspite of all the accusations against him, the legacy projects, dutiful payment of salaries of workers and so on are there for all to see.”


One comment on “2023 Election: Chief Okeke insists on Igbo presidency, congratulates Soludo

Elder Johnny Oraefo

This is the best article I have read recently!
I signal my support for this wonderful interview undertaken by Chief S.N.Okeke, a.k.a Ochendo of Amichi in Nnewi South Local Govt Area (LGA).
Chief S.N.Okeke is a friend that I trust and respect. I have known him for many years and I do interact with him on occasions.
Let us therefore adhere to the voice of this Elder Statesman in the name of S.N. Okeke (a.k.a.Ochendo!).
His mention of Professor Kingsley Moghalu for the forthcoming 2023 Presidential election is quite in order. It’s time for our country Nigeria to do the needful so as to minimize and/or eliminate the ‘spirit’ of agitation. Ndi Igbo have been long marginalized in a country they ought to be equally stakeholders , and obviously, time is now to make wrong things right!
Voice of man, no doubt is voice of God!
Let us make Nigeria a better country for other African countries to emulate. We can’t be calling Nigeria ‘The giant of Africa’ with nothing to show to support the claim.
Contributed by Elder Johnny Oraefo-USA


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