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2023: Emerging Igbo leaders push for united front

Igbo leaders, on Thursday in Abuja, called on their people to approach the 2023 presidential election as a united front.

The leaders who said a submit is being planned in Enugu, tagged: “Emerging Igbo Leaders Summitt 2022”, said prominent people from of Igbo extraction, will meet to decide on the way forward.

Chairman of the Central Planning Committee (CPC), Dr. Chibuike Echem Chairman, while addressing newsmen, said: “Ndigbo, despite our natural and divine endowment to Create Wealth, Transform Societies, and Contribute Optimally toward the Development of any Environment we find ourselves, have suddenly found ourselves in Political Captivity and Socio-Political Slavery within the context of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“We were forced into a Civil War that yielded no desired Dividend. We have deployed and invested all our ingenuity to re-integrate and reassume our Pre-Civil War Status in Nigeria, all to no avail, The big and mysterious Question remains why is Ndigbo like Third Class Citizens in the Political Equation of Nigeria? Why is it that other regions, now appear more relevant and stronger than South East politically?

“What is truly our Fate and Future in the Socio-Political and Economic status of Nigeria? (1) Do we, as a People collectively support the Secession agitation Movement of Ndigbo? (2) Do we politically align with either the PDP or APC? (3) Do we sustain or rebuild a Regional Political and economic Identity with APGA? (4) Or do we collectively key into the “OBI-dient” political movement of the Labour Party? (5) In view of the economic input of Ndigbo, is it not pertinent that, they should be a seaport in the South East.

“There may be no definite answer to any of the QUESTIONS FOR now! However, what is certain is that Ndigbo cannot afford the Political Risk of entering the 2023 Election Circle divided.

“It is imperative for a serious Roundtable to x-ray our Political and Economic Journey thus far; frankly reflecting on the Past, Present and Future of our Political and economic Sojourn in Nigeria. Hence, the resolution of majority of the renown Past Youth Leaders and Emerging Young Political and entrepreneurs Actors of Igboland to convene the “EMERGING IGBO LEADERS SUMMIT 2022”, with the determination of disrupting the Status Quo, and forging a new Political and Economic Horizon for the Igbo Nation.

“This Summit will bring together our elders, leaders, captains of industries and our entertainment industry operators to speak and educate us on the political and economic journey of Ndigbo so far. It will be a platform for a deep analysis of the entire situation. Hopefully, the Summit will provide all or most of the important answers.

“Consequently, this Press Conference is to inform the public about the Summit, the ideas behind it and the expected outcomes. It is not a platform to answer the questions raised, as the Summit Proper, will address them. This is our way forward for a new Political and Economic Rebirth for Ndi-Igbo.”

Credit: Daily Sun


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