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2023: Northern Group canvasses for Igbo president

The North East Foundation for Good Governance in Nigeria (NEFGGlN) has appealed to Nigerians to support Igbo for 2023 presidential agenda.

In a statement by the Zonal Coordinator, Ibrahim Balewa and Secretary General, John Akpevi, respectively,  the group described Igbo as development agents of Nigeria saying it is their turn to rule.

“The last time Igbo ruled this nation was during the military regime 54 years ago during Aguiyi Ironsi’s era and it lasted for just 194 days.

“They deserved to be given a chance and we are glad that our people in the North East  and other geo-political zones unanimously agree that an Igbo president is what Nigeria needs to take the next strides towards development,” the statement said.

“Since 1999, South-West, North-West and South-South have produced presidents, conventionally, power rotates for equity and justice as implied in the principles of federal character. Therefore, in 2023 , consideration should be accorded the South-East as the only zone in the southern region that has yet to produce a president”

According to the group, since the North would have concluded its eight-year run in President Buhari-led administration, “it is fair we allow the Presidency to go to the South East if we must continue to encourage equity, fairness and unity of this country.”

Credit: The Sun


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