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2023: Oduduwa youths back S’East presidency

Youths from the South West under the aegis of Oduduwa Youth Parliament have thrown their weight behind the clamour for Igbo presidency in 2023.

The youth group led by their Speaker, Abdulmajid Oladimeji, disclosed this,yesterday, while conferring a title on Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu as “Mayegun of Oduduwa parliament” (leader of peace) in Owerri. They  noted that they decided to support Igbo based on equity and fairness to the zone.

Oladimeji said  they  decided  to use Iwuanyanwu as a pivot to register their support for Igbo considering his impeccable record in politics and his peaceful disposition in matters of ethnicity.

“We have come to support the South East for president, if Iwuanyanwu cannot lead considering his age,he can provide who can lead,we have come to encourage him,we see him as a paragon of hope in Nigeria.” Oladimeji said.

Credit: Daily Sun


One comment on “2023: Oduduwa youths back S’East presidency

Oliver C

Very disappointing and nonsensical, who are those that makes up the people in this so called ODUDUWA youths and who’s iwuanyanwu when talking of integrity and honesty, it beats my imagination sometimes the waysome people thinks and reasons. the igbos don’t want president of Nigeria anymore, read the hand writing on the walls and understand the seasons of times, the real ODUDUWASare seeking for a country of their’s.


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