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2023: Ohuabunwa joins presidential race

• Says Nigeria’s unity negotiable

As more stakeholders call for a power shift to the South East in 2023, the convener of New Nigeria Group (NNG), Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, yesterdays, in Abuja, declared his intention to run for the 2023 presidential election

Ohuabunwa described the New Nigeria Group as a political movement geared towards a convergence of like-minded persons who want to promote  national ethos by which Nigerians across the globe would be defined.

He said he would be guided by the principles of patriotism, anti-corruption, justice for all and freedom of expression, which he noted had remained the bane of Nigeria.

Ohuabunwa said he decided to come to aspire to the highest office in Nigeria because after being at the background at various professional bodies suggesting and promoting ideas that could advance the country without any success, it had become imperative for him “to connect with Nigerians by throwing his hat in the ring to implement these programmes.”

Speaking on various issues bedevilling the country, he said Nigeria’s unity was negotiable. He faulted those who were opposed to it, insisting that the current federal structure, where the government at the centre is too powerful, is, however, unhealthy for the country.

On industrialisation of the country, he said: “We need to work hard and work smart to raise our productivity dramatically and be in a position to increase our Gross National Productivity in an effort to improve prosperity and drive down poverty.

“We are looking for creative and innovative Nigerians with entrepreneurial mindsets, ready to optimise the 4th industrial revolution, and then go on to lead the 5th. (The Dangotes, Tony Elumelus, their likes all over Nigeria and our crop of young IT enthusiasts will have free reign to ignite a nation of producers and innovators).”

Credit: The Sun


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