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2023: Umahi’s Presidential posters go viral

The campaign posters of the Governor’ of Ebonyi State and Chairman, South East Governor’s Forum, Engr. David Nweze Umahi, Monday appeared online to the surprise of those not following the trend in the nation’s Political arena.

The presidential posters of the Governors were pasted on the glass doors and windows of an establishment in the country.

It read:  “2023 Engr. David Nweze Umahi for President”.

The posters, which are currently making wave have in a way confirmed the Governor’s interest for the position of the President, come 2023 Presidential Elections.

Many who spoke with Vanguard believe that the emergence of Governor David Umahi as President in 2023 will lead to the infrastructural revolution of the country, especially in the area of road construction.

According to Chief Onyekachi Nwebonyi,
Commissioner for Capital City and Urban Development, Ebonyi State.

“Nigeria will miss the train again and loose out in the race for economic competitiveness in the comity of nations” if Umahi is not elected in 2023.

He added: “In view of these reasons, it is vital that physical infrastructure needs to be as efficient and as productive as possible.

That is why Governor Umahi, in his knowingness of the intricacies of the drivers of development, opted to tackle infrastructure headlong upon his assumption of office as governor of Ebonyi State.

“Talking of road infrastructure, it is axiomatic that nobody has equalled Governor Umahi since Nigeria’s Independence, be it president or governor.

Upon the inception of his administration, Governor Umahi wasted no time in embarking on aggressive road construction in all the 13 local government areas of Ebonyi State.

He saw rural roads as important as urban roads and highways, which made him come up with the 15 kilometers rural road per LGA policy.

“For Nigeria to leapfrog into the elite club of developed nations, which most Nigerians yearn for, Engr. Chief David Umahi needs to be the next president of the country.

This is because he will invest in all elements of the infrastructure component which will restore Nigeria as the giant of Africa and project it to the status of developed nation.

“From the foregoing, it is undeniable that if Nigerians fail to elect Governor David Umahi as president in 2023, Nigeria will miss the train again and loose out in the race for economic competitiveness in the comity of nations.

This is the hard truth and the bitter reality which should spur Nigerian youths to look inwards and go for Engr. Umahi, the man who knows the way, in 2023 in order to achieve their collective aspirations.”

Credit: Vanguard News Nigeria


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