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Air Peace Crew Bags Awards for Aborting Theft Onboard Flight

Air Peace crew have been recognised with five Awards of Excellence for thwarting an alleged attempt by one Mr. Eze Kelvin to steal a considerable amount of money belonging to Adedeji Adeniyi, the managing director of Toptech Engineering Limited.

Spokesperson of the airline, Stanley Olisa said the incident occurred on about 7:40am on Accra-Lagos flight on July 17, 2021.

The crew who operated the flight have been conferred with awards by the management of Toptech Engineering Limited, in recognition of their outstanding customer service and extra-vigilance in ensuring protection of items on-board as well as customer safety.

The award recipients were Captain Otobo Ogheneochuko(Pilot-in-Command); First Officer Phina Uzama-Okpalaeke; Olufemi Basanya, Lead Crew; and Amira Nwagui(Cabin Executive).
A separate Award of Excellence was also bestowed on Air Peace.

According to Olisa, “Our crew noticed Kelvin taking an envelope of money from Adeniyi’s laptop bag in the overhead cabin. Aware of the former’s theft antecedents, our crew subtly questioned him about the ownership of the bag, which he claimed was his. But when Adeniyi returned from the lavatory, it was confirmed that the bag belongs to Adeniyi. He later disclosed that the envelope had a significant sum, which was still intact when Kelvin returned the envelope.”

Olisa stated that the incident was immediately reported to the Airport Security Officials who were still handling it adding that the alleged culprit has been blacklisted from flying with Air Peace.

“Also in June this year, Air Peace crew demonstrated commendable security alertness and vigilance as they prevented the trafficking of two babies by a couple, “he said.

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