Monday, 27 May, 2024


Air Peace Deploys B777 to Enugu

In order to ensure sufficient flights to meet the travel needs of Nigerians during this Easter season, Air Peace has deployed one of its wide-body Boeing 777 aircraft to service the Enugu route.

The airline has also increased flight frequencies to Owerri and Asaba.

Spokesperson of the airline, Stanley Olisa, made this known, saying that the jumbo, extra-comfy aircraft has been specifically deployed to operate the Lagos-Enugu-Lagos and Abuja-Enugu-Abuja routes.—&gdpr_consent=CPC3WEVPC3WEVAKAcAENBQCAAAAAAH_AAAwIAAANpAJMNS-AiyEsYCSaNKoUQIQriQ6AEAFFCMLRNYQErgp2VwEeoIGACA1ARgRAgxBRiwCAAAAAJKIgBADwQCIAiAQAAgBUgIQAESAILACQMAgAFANCwAigCECQgyOCo5RAgIkWignkjAEoudjCCEEAAAAA.IHhNf_X_fb39j-_59__t0eY1f9_7_v-0zjhfds-8N2f_X_L8X_2M7vF36pq4KuR4ku3bBIQFtHOnUTUmx6olVrTPsak2Mr7NKJ7Lkmnsbe2dYGHtfn91T-ZKZr_7v_9_7________79______3_v_____-_____9___8&client=ca-pub-3295515171382151&output=html&h=250&slotname=2824073380&adk=2162033953&adf=3144958343&×250&!3&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=G0qGl1jv7H&p=https%3A//

He added that customers would have international flight experience on domestic routes while flying the state-of-the-art B777 aircraft with enhanced comfort, style and luxury.

He urged the flying public to keep choosing Air Peace as the airline’s commitment to providing peaceful and best-in-class connectivity is unwavering.

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