Thursday, 01 June, 2023


Anambra election: Lynda Ikpeazu calls for probe into BVAS failure in Onitsha

Federal lawmaker Hon Lynda Chuba Ikpeazu (Onitsha North/South, APC) has called on Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and security authorities to investigate the failure of the BVAS machine at the just concluded Anambra State governor’s election in Onitsha North and South Local Government Areas.

Hon Ikpeazu said that the failure of BVAS and the late arrival of materials to most polling units in her constituency was a plot and calculated attempt to disenfranchise many voters in that area.

The lawmaker, who spoke to newsmen in Onitsha on the outcome of the election, alleged that the failure of BVAS and the late arrival of electoral materials in Onitsha and other strongholds of APC was planned to stop people from voting en masse for APC.

‘I want to make it clear that the machine rejected me two times and I insisted to vote. In most wards and polling units in Onitsha North and South, which is my stronghold, many people did not vote due to the malfunctioning of the machine.Setup your own platform that allows you to earn a minimum of ₦100,000 daily, payments are in US dollars, 100% legitimate .Click here to start now .

‘It was a calculated attempt not to allow my supporters to vote for APC that was why they brought the non-functional machine in my constituency. They knew about my popularity in Onitsha and I never lost any election since 1999, no matter the political party I contested in like APP, ANPP, PDP and now in APC.

‘I want INEC and security agencies to investigate what happened in Onitsha. The failure of BVAS was to stop my numerous supporters from voting, the late arrival of electoral materials in most polling units was also a plot to disenfranchise my people.

‘The electoral materials did not arrive early in most polling units in Onitsha and where it came early the machines refused to work which delayed the voting in most places. It was a calculated plot to disenfranchise my supporters because this place is my stronghold and nobody has beaten me in Onitsha in the previous elections.

‘I want to make it known to the world that many of my people did not vote during the election due to BVAS malfunctioning and the late arrival of materials to the polling units. Many people came out en masse to cast their votes but went home disappointed when the machine rejected them severally. It was a planned deal to stop my supporters from voting for my new party APC in the last election,’ Ikpeazu complained.

Credit: Daily Sun


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