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Anambra: I’ll Halt Brain Drain, Medical Tourism – PDP Aspirant

A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) aspirant in the Anambra State governorship race Dr Godwin Maduka has assured that he would address the brain drain crisis and halt medical tourism if he emerges governor.

Maduka who stated this at the PDP national secretariat after purchasing his expression of interest and nomination forms also said he would maximize the potentials of the Information communication technology to tackle youth unemployment.

The aspirant, who studied pharmacognosy and pharmacokinetics in the United States stressed that that model of education and health system in Anambra and Nigeria has to change in order to address brain drain and medical tourism challenges.

While he vowed to ensure that free and compulsory education at primary and secondary level as provided by law, he disclosed that he would build a university and spread the campuses across the 21 local government areas of the state.

He said, “I’m going to educate our people and expatriates will be involved as professor. I will make sure that our people get the quality education they need here. So we stop the brain drain, our going overseas to get quality education and when they get over there they don’t come back. And our people keep taking the little money we have to get health.”

On medical tourism he said, “Nigerians spending a lot of money in medical tourism. There’s no reason for that anymore. I’m one of those people that they come to in America. So we need to build our own healthcare, so that we won’t be flying out of this country to go everywhere.

He disclosed that since his return in the past 15 years, he has built one of the most sophisticated training facilities on oncology, cardiology.

“It is not everybody that have a visa to go to everywhere so get a healthcare. So for that reason, I plan to put emergency room cubicle in 21 local governments, so that people that are having stroke, accident and heart attack can go there quickly,” he said.

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