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Anambra State Observed The Sit At Home In Memory of The Biafran Dead

By Okwy Nsoedo

The Igbo heartland of Anambra state shunned business activities to remember those that died in the 1967-1970 civil war.

It is important to note that people sat back not because the IPOB or any organization compelled them to stay away from their usual places of business; it is now considered a duty. The capital city of Awka, including the business cities such as Onitsha, Nnewi, Ekwuluobia, etc., was shut down.

On significant of the sit-at-home, some of the individuals who spoke to Vision Newspapers maintained that virtually all the families in the state lost someone or more people within their kindred during the civil war.

A gentleman who craved anonymity said that IPOB may have called for the sit-at-home, but it is morally right that loved ones who had died because of the tragedy of the war must be accorded the honour they deserved.

Teachers and school managers had informed parents that schools will be shut, so students basically stayed back. The markets, motor parks, petrol stations, banks, hospitals and offices remained closed all day.

The security personnel were no where to be found at the checkpoints, as it appeared they observed the sit-at-home too.


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