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Anambra state percolates in violence as the military attempts to impose its will

  • Chiwetalu Agu assaulted at Onitsha by the military
  • A family lost two members of the family after depositing the deceased mother at the mortuary to military
  • Unknown gunmen allegedly killed three at Eke Awka-Etiti
  • Gunshots at Eke Amaobi Nnewi
  • Tension at Ihiala LGA as people protest
  • And others

With the appointment of the new Commissioner of Police for Anambra state, there was a visible renewed energy to take control of the state security and stem the spate of sit-at-home imposed and rescinded by the IPOB, albeit a continuous adherence to the order.

Chiwetalu Agu, the president of the actors guild was assaulted by the military before they whisked him away.

Chinwetalu Agu is a famous actor and comedian. He was pulled over at Upper Iweka in his van clearly marked with ‘Chinwetaluagu Films’. He was dressed in Biafra flag regalia.

From the armature video circulating the Internet, he was seen with an army man before a reinforcement joined his colleague, and he was manhandled. People circled the military personnel and Chiwetalu before the personnel released several shots and took him away.

There was a brief episode of demonstration causing roadblocks.


Tragedy and sorrow visited the Iruowelle village of Awka-Etiti as two members of the family lost their lives to the military patrol.

The deceased who were shot as they were returning from St Francis Hospital after depositing their dead mother at the mortuary.

People who gathered around the vehicle believed they met their untimely death because they were driving in a tinted Toyota Sienna, which had been known to be a vehicle of choice for the unknown gunmen. The whole village was thrown in mourning.

Earlier in the day there had been an attack at the market by unknown gunmen. Some eyewitnesses claimed the gunmen was very swift as they opened fire that mowed down three people.

Nnewi North LGA

At Nnewi, the Area Command officers blocked the Oba-Nnewi-Okigwe expressway from vehicular traffic. The action led to a severe traffic situation as vehicles cramped up the few by-pass roads.

The drastic action by the Area Command may not be unconnected to the shooting around Eke Amaobi Otolo Nnewi.

Report reach us is that the youths of Okija in Ihala LGA were demonstrating as a result of heavy-handedness from the security people.

At Nnewi South LGA

It was alleged that unknown gunmen shot and killed a man at the Ezinifite round-about in Nnewi South local government.

Report reaching us claimed that the military raced down there to take control of the situation.

The capital city, Awka

Vision Newspapers witnessed a near-tragedy on Wednesday evening in Awka after the NNPC mega station; there is a police roadblock there before the Amawbia by-pass.

A young man was so distraught because his car windshield was smashed in. As he was acting out, perhaps, not knowing how to manage his loss, he did not notice the three police special forces ready with their weapons racing towards him with hands their triggers.

A man whom we thought could be on the receiving end of the young man jumped out of his vehicle to shield the young man from the policemen who aimed the guns at him. The man eventually pacified the young man who appeared at most, 21 years old. That was a tragedy averted because of the stranger.


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