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…Arrest of IPOB leader’ll fasten Nigeria’s disintegration -Brother

Prince Emmanuel Kanu, younger brother of the arrested leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has said that his brother’s apprehension and subsequent detention in Nigeria was going to fasten the disintegration of the country.

Speaking at their country home in Afara Ukwu, Umuahia yesterday, Emmanuel said that they are not worried about Kanu’s arrest as that was going to cause problem for the nation and actualize the state of Biafra faster.

“We are not in any way worried about his arrest because surely, it is going to hasten the disintegration of Nigeria, and bring about a faster actualization of Biafra, watch and see.

“There is definitely going to be chaos in this country because there is no way the government will allow the Fulani herdsmen to move about killing and destroying property across the country while they are clamping down on non-violent freedom fighters in the Southeast and Southwest.

“There’s no way Nigeria will side-track international laws in their attempt to arrest my brother and expect peace, in fact, like as I said earlier, Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest will fasten the country’s disintegration”.

On whether IPOB because of the recent development going to appoint an acting leader, Emmanuel said that his brother is still the leader of IPOB, adding that the group’s Directorate of State will continue to oversee the affairs IPOB for now.

“Nnamdi Kanu remains the leader of IPOB, but since they are with him now, the Directorate of State under Edozie will be handling the affairs of the group, so, nothing is wrong with IPOB, we are stronger.

“The position of the family and IPOB is that if the Federal Government had listened to what Nnamdi Kanu had been telling them, Nigeria will not be in the condition it found itself today.

“Nnamdi Kanu has done nothing wrong, let them try him from now to the next 50 years, they will never win the case because the issues he has raised are germane”.

Emmanuel berated the Kenyan Government for breaching the laws of international relations by arresting Kanu and handing him over to Nigeria instead of Britain where he came into their country from.

“Let’s assume he was arrested in Kenya as the Federal Government said, the best the Kenyan Government could have done was as a British citizen, to send him back to Britain and not Nigeria”.

Speaking on the activities of ESN which has been alleged to be causing insecurity in the Southeast and parts of South-south, the IPOB leader’s younger brother reiterated that the duty of ESN has always been to remain in the bush to make sure no terrorists torture her people.

“The Federal Government has always accused ESN of being responsible for the insecurity in the Southeast and parts of South-south, that’s what they will say because they want to cover up their mess”.

He said Nnamdi Kanu himself made clear what the ESN stands for in his various broadcasts and that the position has not changed.


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