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Biafra: Ohanaeze Asks Federal Govt To Dialogue With Neutral Igbo Leaders

Apex Igbo social-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo led by Chidi Ibe yesterday identified genuine dialogue with neutral Igbo leaders as the best political solution for the Biafra agitation in the southeast.

He stressed the need to initiate the process to interface with neutral Igbo leaders by strictly prohibiting Igbo politicians from the dialogue.

According to the secretary-general of Ohanaeze in a press statement, there was a need to prohibit Igbo politicians because they are part of the problems in the southeast.

“We are aware of the international pressures on the federal government presently and why FG should not miss the opportunity to seek for genuine dialogue with neutral Igbo patriots and elder statesmen, who will genuinely communicate the plights of Igbo without the usual manipulative infusions of southeast politicians.

“The first step expected from the federal government is to set in motion a mechanism for peaceful dialogue with Igbo religious leaders, Igbo traditional rulers and selected few elder statesmen like Pa Mbazulike Amaechi, Elder K.U.K. Kalu and others, as it’s obvious that FG can’t shy away from peace talks with Igbo before the next court appearance of Nnamdi Kanu on 19th January 2022 with the exclusion of Igbo Governors, Igbo National Assembly members, Igbo Federal Executive Council members, Igbo APC and PDP members in attendance.”

He said the federal government should expedite actions that will lead to additional state creation for the southeast and granting of full autonomy of federating units of all the regions in the country, adding that these are the two best options for addressing the activities of Biafra groups and their arrowheads.

“The releases of Nnamdi Kanu and Igboho from incarceration without addressing the causes of the agitations will worsen the situation at hand, it will escalate the activities of the agitations, the only option for FG now is to create an additional state for the southeast and regional autonomy for the southeastern region through the National Assembly,” he stated.

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