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Breaking!! DEATH OF DR MARTINS IFEANYICHUKWU- We did our best to save his life..

The death of Dr martins, a colleague and personal friend is devastating to us all and we ask God to accord his soul an eternal rest as we console the young family he left behind.

In view of news making rounds capable of damaging the image of the hospital and sending wrong signals to the public, it has become very pertinent to make some clarifications just to put the records straight.

  1. Dr Martins was refer to us on Friday, 7th January 2021 with an SPo2 of 63% on oxygen, after about a week of admission in a private hospital.
  2. Through out his stay with us, he was managed by the highest echelon of staff at the isolation center and this includes 3 consultants, 2 senior Registrars, a very senior medical officer in Infectious diseases with the full compliments of the nursing staff, medical laboratory scientists, the hygienists and other staff of the center.
  3. On Monday 11th January, the family requested that he be transfered to ISTH, Irrhua and they were obliged.
    The hospital brought out an ambulance, 2 cylinders of oxygen, a nurse to accompany him to Irrhua. The events that led to his death on the way to Irrhua and the other allegations are subjects for investigation for which the hospital management has constituted a panel of enquiry to deal with.
  4. Its instructive to note that our staff at the Isolation center are very committed, passionate about their job and always work round the clock to ensure that the patients are well looked after and the management has provided all the Personal protective equipments they need. We also have oxygen in adequate supply.
  5. While I send my most sincere commiserations to the family of the deceased, I plead that we rest our comments for now to allow management do the needful.
  6. The second wave of covid-19 seems more serious and deadlier than the first wave, given the already observed trend. Therefore, its most likely that the coming days and months will be very challenging and will require the concerted efforts of all of us, if we must prevail.
  7. The morale and motivation of our front line men especially at the Isolation center is central to success in this fight. It is important therefore that we all work to ensure that the morale of these our gallant men and women who put their lives and that of their families on the line to save the covid -19 affected patients are safeguarded even as we work hard to strengthen the system for more efficiency.
  8. Finally, we need to personally take responsibility in this fight by observing all the precautions and also encourage those around us to do so.
  9. We shall overcome this pandemic, if we all work together.

Dr Ugboaja Joseph


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