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CAN declares three days of mourning, prayers over killings

The Christian Association of Nigeria has declared a three-day national mourning and prayers over continuous killings and other challenges facing the country.

During the period, May 28 to May 30, all local churches are expected to gather in the evening of each day for the prayers in the attitude of mourning or soberness.

CAN’s National General Secretary, Daramola Joseph, convey the message to the church leaders in a letter dated May 11, 2021, and titled, “National days of soberness/mourning and fervent prayers for God’s mercy by Christians in Nigeria from Friday, May 28 – Sunday, May 30, 2021.”

The letter was addressed to CAN’s national leaders, bloc leaders, zonal chairman, state chairmen and their secretaries.

It read, “This is to inform you that the CAN President, in view of the continuous killings, banditry and host of other problems in Nigeria has considered it imperative and absolutely necessary that our country needed prayers for God’s mercy and intervention in our land.

“Consequently, all local churches are expected to gather in the evening of each day set aside for the prayers to pray to God in the attitude of mourning or soberness for the bloodshed of many innocent Nigerians most especially Christians.

“In the light of these, the following are the suggested prayer points to be followed during the said prayer meetings:

“That we are sad and pained for the blood of many innocent Nigerians that evil people in our midst had shed or for those kidnapped and abused in various ways. That God should forgive our sins wherever we as a church or Nigerians, especially our leaders had sinned against God.

“That the plans of the evil people in our midst to paralyse human, social and economic activities in this nation and throw the nation into chaos would be foiled by the Lord Jesus Christ.

“That any religious madness or war that would not allow us to worship God in the way we are convinced to worship Him would be nullified by the Lord.

“Pray that the church would prevail over all threats to her existence in Nigeria. That the gate of hell will never prevail against the church in the name of Jesus.

“That our leaders would do justice in leadership and show fairness to all ethnic and religious groups in all their actions so as to douse ethnic and religious tensions we have presently.

“That the law enforcement agents would rise to their responsibilities and provide the necessary security we need in Nigeria.”

It added, “That every step the terrorists, bandits, kidnappers, gunmen and other wicked people in our midst take henceforth would fail. That unseen hands and army of the Lord would fight them and Nigeria would be at peace.

“Pray and plant righteousness, Godliness, prosperity, peace and love in our nation. Pray for the speedy recovery of our nation from all our losses so that this nation might become very soon a nation that everyone in the world would love to be.

“Pray to break the yoke of generational curse that might have been placed on Nigeria and her leadership during the slave trade by the victims.”


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