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Chief Ibeokonkwo celebrates birthday, urges political leaders to be responsible

From Ifeoma Ejiofor

The former President General of Obiofia, Nnewichi in Nnewi North LGA of Anambra State, Chief Mike Ibeokonkwo(Ifeuto-Anaedo) has advocated a bottom-top style of governance.

Ifeuto Anaedo made this call during his birthday celebrations which held at Awka.

Chief Ibeokonkwo who is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Torwaleen Trading Company Limited said the need to adopt a bottom-top approach style of governance has become imperative because the top-bottom approach being used in Nigeria at the moment is not working.

He noted that all the stakeholders are always considered by the South African government before drawing up their annual budget. “The way the political class in Nigeria carry on gives a wrong impression that they are overlords who know everything. The implication of such attitude is that the carefully crafted programs and policies are not reflective of the needs and aspirations of many Nigerians.” He noted

Ifeuto Anaedo said that it is important for all and sundry that the political class change their,attitude and stop bossing the people who elected them into different political offices noting that, “Nobody has monopoly of wisdom, many of the electorates who are looked down upon by the duty bearer have the Midas touch to change the fortune of the country. The Naira exchange rate to dollar at the moment has cripple many businesses and something should be done about that urgently.

“I wish to state that there is urgent need for Nigerians to sit and discuss about the political future of their beloved country through a referendum. The pretense that all is well will not take the country anywhere close to the promised land. The jawjaw must be intensified to minimize the war war atmosphere that has enveloped the most populous nation in Africa.”

Chief Ibeokonkwo when asked his wish on his birthday said that he earnestly wish that Nigerian political leaders would repent from their evil way and govern with the nation with utmost fear of God and respect for the people God has placed under their care.

“My happiest day on earth was the day I surrendered my life to Christ in 1980 and the accompanied joy of The Lord accompanied the experience and another day I will never forget was the day my father died in 2014. My father was a man I loved to emulate because of his intolerance for tale bearers. He resolved issues as soon as they arose.

Asked if he is nursing some kinds of political ambition, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Torwaleen Trading Company Ltd said, “I am a community leader, a king maker and not a career politician, my sole interest is the welfare of majority of Nigerians which is not guaranteed the present political arrangement. Many Nigerians are suffering not because they are lazy but the system is making it practically impossible for them to actualize their potentials.”


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Afam Agbasi

Happy birthday Onyenken Chief Okonkwo One more greeze to your elbow. More life to be spent, whealth , health., And wisdom so that your will be emulated IfeUto Anedo I hail you oooooo remain blessed Tnx


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