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Community leader commends Gov Soludo over empathic governance

From Ifeoma Ejiofor

A community leader in Igbedor in Olumbanasa, Anambra West LGA of Anambra State, Engr. Obulum Paul has applauded Gov Charles Soludo of running an emphatic government.

Engr Paul who was reacting to the governor’s visit to Olumbanasa last weekend said that the historic visit has again confirmed the emphaty and love Gov Soludo has for all the people of the state.

“Saturday November 25th, 2023 was a memorable day for the good people of Olumbanasa. In one swipe journey, the whole state apparatus risked all that could be the consequences to embarked on a trip through the River Niger to visit an Igala speaking area called Olumbanasa. This has made Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, ODENIGBO, the first ever executive governor of Anambra State to have visited this neglected, abandoned and marginalized island.

“This visit showed the sincerity of Mr. Governor in treating every community in Anambra State as a stakeholder. It showed his passion for the less privileged and his commitment to developing the abandoned communities in Anambra state.

“Mr. Governor during his campaign and inaugural speech had mentioned Awka North, Anambra West and Okpoko as some of the worst neglected areas in Anambra State with a promise that Soludo Solution will visit them. To many people including myself, we see such promise as the usual political campaign promises without substances as found today among Nigerian politicians.

“But, it is obvious that Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo has distinguished himself as a refined politician by making his words the integrity of his image. Nobody has ever seen God except probably his angels. But the word of God is God. And God is faithful because he keeps to all his words. Our word is our integrity. This is the aspect of life many Nigeria politicians refused to understand except people like Prof. Soludo.

“In the past twenty months of Soludo administration, what I have witnessed is consistency, strong will, determination and convinced hope of future success. These he has evidently demonstrated in the following areas:

“Soludo has vehemently refused to abandon his digital collection of state revenue despite all odds, sabotage and frustrations towards that purpose. Okpoko today is rapidly seeing The Soludo Solution effects with many road constructions and development going on simultaneously.

“In Awka North, it has been a heavy down pour of infrastructural development all over the communities of Ebenebe, Ugbenu, Amanuke and the entrance road through Okpuno. In Anambra West LGA, we cannot call it infrastructural development any longer but a fire of development burning down any obstacle that might stand its way.

“The miracle of electric light in some part of Anambra West after many years of not having light. One of Solution miracle. The steady work on going on the first ever tarred road to the local government headquarters at Nzam. Another Solution miracle if completed by December as promised by the Solution Governor,” he stressed.

Engr Paul noted with relish that the climax of it all was the visit of the solution team to Olumbanasa 2 on the 25th of November, 2023, a community that requires the use of the three aspect of transportation to access.

“First, you use car, after which you have come down and continue with canoe and lastly finished up with Keke or motorcycle. If you are in doubt, please ask Soludo and his team.

“Prof. Soludo is the governor of the oppressed. Olumbanasa are proud of you. Thank you the people’s governor. Our prayer is that this journey should bring government presence to our community,” he asserted.


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