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Cop shoots man as mob attempts to burn police station in Lagos

There was pandemonium at the Ile-Epo area of Lagos on Monday following attempts by a mob to burn the local police station.

The station, situated inside the market, became a target for the rampaging crowd after a yet- to- be identified cop allegedly shot a motorcyclist.

It was gathered the policeman arrested the motorcyclist for allegedly flouting the Traffic Law but went further to demand N30, 000 to release the victim.

Sources alleged that the motorcyclist told the cop he did not have such amount of money and an argument soon ensued between them.

It was however not clear if the policeman deliberately opened fire on the victim or the shooting was as a result of accidental discharge.

As soon as gunshot was heard, people were said to have scampered to safety while the shot motorcyclist’s colleagues soon gathered to avenge his shooting.

They were said to have moved towards the police station but were prevented by security operatives deployed as reinforcement.

Still enraged, the mob, it was gathered, proceeded to set fire at a dump site nearby, causing thick billowing smoke that fuelled rumours that the police station had been torched.

However, another account indicated the clash was between the police and market boys while some other sources said it was between the police and scavengers.

According to a source, a crisis broke out between the police and hoodlums in the market leading to one of the boys attempting to snatch a policeman’s rifle.

It was alleged in the process, a bullet discharged, hitting the suspected hoodlum, who was immediately rushed to a hospital.

Those who claimed it was a clash with scavengers alleged that the policemen had prevented them from scattering wastes as they usually do but one of them was recalcitrant.

In a brief statement, the police command announced that normalcy has been restored but kept mute on the cause of the crisis and the state of the shot victim.

Spokesman for the command, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, debunked rumour the police station was set ablaze.

Credit: The Nation


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