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Diaspora Igbo frown at FG’s posture on IPOB

• Backs Ebubeagu, ESN synergy

Diaspora Igbo group,  the Igbo World Assembly , IWA  has condemned the Federal Government’s position in labelling  the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) a terrorist organisation.

While urging  Igbo Town Unions vigilance groups including Ebubeagu and Eastern Security Network, (ESN)  to work together for the security of the Igbo communities, IWA in a statement at the weekend jointly signed by its Chairman,  Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze,  Vice Chairman Christian Onuorah and Secretary General Oliver Nwankor  noted with dismay that government may have  spared  herdsmen that are the real killers, murderers, kidnappers and rapists

“These Fulani herdsmen terrorists who are the real terrorist are treated with kid’s gloves by the  government while turning around to hound IPOB members who, as far as we are concerned, are not terrorists, but are freedom fighters agitating for a better deal for their people”, IWA said. .

Expressing   discomfort at the worsening security situation in  South East and and Nigeria, the group urged  all towns in gbo communities to set up a vigorous and robust vigilantes’ outfit to guard every part of  the states.

“ We support civil defense in every part of  Igbo land  in anticipation of nefarious activities in their respective areas of concerns”, the statement added.

Urging  Igbo to apply old school diplomacy that is deep rooted in synergy  and flexibility, collaboration and dialogue, IWA  noted that it was time for  diversification of strategies that would allow room for multiple options at all times.

“We should always put our “smartest” men and women that are skilled in diplomacy at the helm of Igbo affairs. These men and women must be ready and willing to genuinely represent Igbo interest at the center, Nigeria and the world at large.

“We need a wealth of knowledge in understanding of diplomacy and alliance building for the people of the Southeast to form coalitions and alliances with the people of the Southwest, South-South, Middle Belt regions and others.

“Because the great Zik and Awo alliance did not work out well in the past, does not mean that the Igbos and the Yorubas  cannot achieve this alliance today.  We need each other for  the Yorubas and Igbos  to survive in our journeys to justice.   In politics there is no permanent enemies or permanent friends, only permanent interests”, IWA explained.

According to IWA, the Igbo extraction need multiple options at all times with one common Igbo Agenda that is tied into One Ohanaeze Ndiigbo perspective.

“  We need a Nigeria where measured autonomy and self-determination is front, back and centre. Ohanaeze Ndiigbo should continue with a refocused push for restructuring Nigeria into an independent regional system, allowing freedom fighters, such as IPOB to continue their Biafran struggle in the same fashion that the Oduduwa group is struggling for Oduduwa Republic, independent of other mushroom groups within their struggles”, IWA explained.

Noting that  Igbo need to work with the youths  while avoiding  unnecessary in-fighting, IWA believed that for Ohanaeze Ndi-igbo to have enhanced viability and true freedom to broker the  “Igbo agenda”, their funding should come directly from Ndi-igbo from across the globe and not from governments.

“Igbo youths have been taken for granted for years especially, in the underdeveloped and less privileged areas. Coincidentally, future of Ndi-Igbo advancement in terms of Economic, Social, Education, Cultural, innovation and technologies are in their hands.

“The youths therefore, must be at the center of the proverbial Igbo agenda. Our agenda for youth in turn must start with character education; remolding our youth for future ethical leadership as the workforce and leadership of the future with vocational trade and skills acquisition; the cornerstone for self-sufficiency”, IWA said in the statement.

According to IWA, “It’s high time Igbo leaders lobby politicians, congressmen/women, governments in every country and international world body (Africa Union (AU), United Nations (UN, European Union (EU) everywhere that matters about Igbo interests and the plight of Ndiigbo in Nigeria”.

Credit: Daily Sun


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