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Don’t waste time, resources going to court, APC chieftain tells Andy Uba

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and an aspirant in the Anambra State governorship election in 2017, Barr Nonso Madu, has advised the party’s candidate in the just concluded Anambra guber poll, Senator Andy Uba, not to waste his time and resources contesting the outcome of the election in any court of law.

Barr Madu maintained that it failure in the poll did not come as surprise, stressing that no sane Anambrarian would have supported him to win and continue the destruction of the state with the events of 2003 still on their minds.

He further quipped that Senator Uba ought to know that President Muhammadu Buhari did not support his questionable emergence during the primaries, emphasizing that what took Buhari two months to identify with him took only 12 hours to congratulate the governor-elect, Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo.

He argued that Senator Uba is still living in the past without knowing that Nigeria has moved on from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) previous style of conducting elections which enabled him to go to the Senate in the first place.

Speaking to Daily Sun in Abuja, he said: “It took President Buhari less than 12 hours to congratulate our incoming Governor,  Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo. It also took President Buhari almost two months to reluctantly hand over the APC flag to our supposed candidate, Senator Andy Uba.

“President Buhari never supported the electoral heist of June 26 called on party primary. Having been a victim of electoral malfeasance in the country in times past, President Buhari encouraged aggrieved persons to seek justice as he always does. To President Buhari, I say a big thank you for allowing the enabling environment for Anambrarians to excercize their franchise,” he noted.

Addressing the APC candidate, Barr Madu said: “To most distinguished Senator Andy Uba, I know that by now you can understand that you can fool some people sometimes but cannot always fool all the people all the time.

“You were running an imaginary governorship race, deceiving the faint-hearted and the gullible. You were never a candidate in the just concluded elections with your fake phone calls to your imaginary presidency.

“No sane Anambrarian would have supported you to come and continue the destruction of Anambra state with the events of 2003 still on our minds. You wasted eight good years in the Senate, could not go back to my constituency to encourage anybody to vote for you.

“You didn’t give employment to any person neither is there any project attracted to us by your stay in the senate. Furthermore I know by now you should appreciate some of us that told you straight to your face that you cannot win the election in Anambra state.

“You were still living in the past. Nigeria has moved on from the previous style of INEC conducting elections which enabled you to go to the Senate in the first place.

“Today votes count. I am not also expecting the most Distinguished Senator Andy Uba to congratulate Prof Chukwuma Soludo, the winner of the just concluded governorship election. Your congratulations are inconsequential as you were not a candidate in the elections and the courts will confirm so in due time. I want to advice you not to bother wasting time and resources going to seek redress in any court of law,” Barr Madu warned.

Throwing his weight behind the governor-elect, he said: “To Prof Charles Soludo, I say a big congratulations. To whom much is given, much is expected. Our people overwhelmingly voted for you. Do not disappoint NDI ANAMBRA.”


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