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Dr Ugboaja excites some stakeholders on the inner workings of NAUTH: The need to reposition the hospital

By Our reporter

Dr Ugboaja Joseph, presently the Chairman Medical Advisory Committee of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital addressed the creme of the Nnewi intelligentsia and some business leaders.

Ugboaja, who has excelled remarkably in the management positions he has held, believes that the host community such as Nnewi that worked so hard to attract the institution to Nnewi, and kept investing in the hospital, needs to pay more than a casual attention to the operations of the hospital.

The need to keep partnering with the hospital forms the basis of bringing everyone together at B. Robinson’s Coffee House for the evening of enjoying warm beverages.

Ugboaja thought it was ridiculous that a teaching hospital of NAUTH’s status is still operating in an environment where it is today. He said that it is only NAUTH amongst the teaching hospitals which has not received the usual necessary funding to to move to the permanent site.

That going forward, it must be a single-minded priority of the next Chief Medical Director (CMD) to effect the move to the permanent site.

While a new CMD pursues the agenda of moving to the new site, the stakeholders ought to stay engaged to ensure that the development of the permanent site remains the cynosure of a modern hospital.

But moving to the permanent site, must not be left in the hands of newbies in the complex hospital management. It requires someone who is well grounded in the hospital management. Someone who has the ability to mobilize the entire personnel to move at tandem to achieve the common goal of making the hospital the best-run and friendly hospital, Ugboaja said.

The evening which was an interactive session featured interesting comments on-the-way forward, but particularly thanking Dr Ugboaja for the opportunity to come together.

Many speakers thank Dr Ugboaja for his amiable personality, his competence as a manager, and a known major force in projecting the positive image of the hospital which many present had attested to.

They urged Dr Ugboaja to deploy his energy to leading the next phase of the hospital development, thus, help recapturing the lost glory of the institution.

Some of the people present at the interactive session were Chief Engr Emeka Nzewi, Professor Ezechukwu, Chief Goddy Adamu Anaeto, Chief Barr O. G. Osuigwe, Prince Sunday Igwemadu, Sir Bobby Okwuosa, Otutodilinna Azubike, etc.


7 comments on “Dr Ugboaja excites some stakeholders on the inner workings of NAUTH: The need to reposition the hospital

NWAJAGU, Johnson Nworah

Every great achievement starts with a vision. To take NAUTH to the next level befitting our people and our generation will be an awesome achievement. How I wish our people will rally round the vision bearers to reach this target. I commend Dr Ugboaja for the idea and vision and all involved in this very worthwhile even if delayed path to greatness .

Wg CDR Ifebi Emeka

Is that campaign?

Okorie Israel

The vision of moving NAUTH to where it belongs emerging best-run and friendly hospital is a welcome development.
Knowing the details of the huge benefits we are missing and stating the potential capacities which are at our disposal but unharnessed are key that could trigger the positive response in well meaning Patriots to achieving the vision. Am praying that God will cause His face to shine upon the favoured.

NWAJAGU Johnson Nworah

Every great achievement starts with a vision . Getting NAUTH to the next level that will be a pride to our people and our generation will be an awesome achievement.
I salute Dr Ugboaja for the vision so clearly espoused here. I have no doubt in my mind that with the active support of his colleagues and other stake holders this target is highly achievable. There is no greater benefit they will get from this than the joy it will bring to all of us, the end users. I urge you all not to relent in your efforts. No diligent man ever puts his hands on the plough and looks back. Please ride on.


We have been waiting patiently for things to change for NAUTH and I am sure that Good will give His grace to people with success mind to make things happen. May God bless Ochinanwata with more wisdom.

Ezeudenwa Theodora

People that make things happen are people with great vission, ochinanwata is among them. God will help us to achieve this dream


I recall with pride a discussion I had with Dr Odili Joe Ugboaja when I was in Nigeria and he was then a student Union executive. In our discussion, he projected the University in very good light and even at that time while still a student, presented developmental milestones he envisaged for the hospital. I am happy today that he is in a position to those passionate dreams into reality. The Teaching Hospital is lucky to have this rare gem.I enjoin you to harness the gold mine you have at your disposal. Dr Ugboaja is a talented resource Personel.


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