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EBSU Lecturer Prof. Enyi Denies Involvement In Student’s Suicide, Claims Victimization Allegations Are False

Prof. Amechi Enyi, a senior lecturer at Ebonyi State University (EBSU), has responded to allegations of his involvement in the suicide of Miss Favour Ugwuka, a final year student in the Department of English and Literary Studies. Ugwuka committed suicide on Wednesday night, May 22, 2024, after reportedly failing a particular course repeatedly.

In a viral voice note, the deceased student claimed that Prof. Enyi kept failing her despite spending an extra year and attending lectures. The student’s mother was seen in a video blaming the lecturer for her daughter’s death.

However, during a press conference in Abakaliki on Friday, Prof. Enyi denied the allegations and stated that the deceased student’s death was not related to academic issues. He claimed that the student’s mother had threatened him before the incident occurred.

Prof. Enyi revealed that the question paper for the last examination of the course, English Statistics, showed that the late student had merely copied down three questions. He questioned how someone who was not victimized and failed an exam would decide to take their own life.

The lecturer explained that he first became aware of the student in February 2024 after uploading the second-semester results, which had been approved by the school management. He recounted that the student’s mother had called him one night, accusing him of witch-hunting her daughter and questioning how she could have passed all other courses except his.

Prof. Enyi attempted to explain the university’s procedure for handling such accusations, but the mother reportedly refused to listen, leading him to disconnect the call. He emphasized that the university has a process for addressing grievances related to examinations, which involves recalling the papers, scripts, questions, and marking scheme, all of which are the property of the university and can be verified.

The lecturer expressed his shock upon hearing the news of the student’s death and reiterated that it was not related to academic issues. He also mentioned that the student’s mother had threatened him, stating that she was from Nsukka and that he would be dealt with.

The tragic incident has raised concerns about the academic environment and the mental well-being of students in higher education institutions. The university authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the student’s death and address any underlying issues.

Credit: The Nigeria Lawyer


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