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#EndSARS: IGP warns police will resist any violent protest

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu has warned that the police would break up any violent protest.

He emphasised that no #EndSARS-like protest would be allowed in the country, saying that the October protest was violent.

He stated that the police would confront any group hiding under constitutionally-guaranteed right to peaceful protest to visit mayhem on hapless Nigerians.

Adamu spoke Friday while responding to questions during a meeting with command commissioners of police in Abuja on Friday.

“We will never allow this type of #EndSARS protests again, it was violent. Peaceful protest is allowed in our constitution. When these rallies started peacefully, we provided security for them.

“We were moving with them to make sure they were not molested by any group of people and it was going on well until it turned violent.

“When it turned violent, they then attacked the people that were even giving them protection. So, we shall never allow any violent protest in this country again. When you talk of peaceful protests, yes, it is allowed but violent protests, never,” the IGP said.

Credit: The Herald


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