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Expect United Igbo Republic soon-Bishop Udeh

From David Onwuchekwa, Nnewi

United Igbo Republic is now on the way as a new nation, if the prophesy of an Nnewi-based fiery cleric comes true.

The cleric who is the General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministries a.k.a By Fire By Fire, Nnewi, Anambra State, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh said, yesterday, that he had seen in spiritual realm while observing his Ministries’ annual fourty days and fourty nights fasting and praying that a group under the aegis of Indigenous People of Igbo (IPI) is poised to actualize the new Republic.

He said that when he was praying the spirit of God told him that it was time for the narrative to be changed. He told journalists that those to make up the new Igbo nation as revealed to him would be all Igbo-speaking inhabitants of Rivers, Edo, Benue, Akwa Ibom, Delta States and all other States where Igbo are found.

Bishop Udeh said the revelation came to him on 23rd day into his ministries fourty days and fourty nights fasting and praying still ongoing which he did annually to seek solution to the problem of the Igbo.

The message as revealed to him: “This new development is better than sticking to Biafra. The name Biafra should be dropped to embrace the new name. The Igbo must zero on the United Igbo Republic (Igbo Bu Igbo) and a new group called the Indigenous People of Igbo (IPI) are the ones God has designated to actualize the Igbo new nation. You should know that Ndigbo are Republicans. The agitators must stick to this new God’s agenda. This new name will add tonic to Igbo freedom without wasting time.

“People from Itsekiri, Ijaw and some parts of Bayelsa have removed themselves from the struggle and they should be left alone. They have been bought over by the Fulanis. If any of them is later interested, they can apply to the United Nations (UNO)for inclusion. But, by the way, the UNO is doing the bidding of the Islamic nations, they should not be trusted. UNO has lost its credibility. The organization should rather be known now as United Arab Nations (UAN) not UNO because of its activities to support Islamic nations.

“If Igbo inhabitants in Rivers are added to the new Republic, the Igbo would not be landlocked as some uninformed antagonists of the Igbo have thought. People from Ikwerre in Rivers and those from Ika Ibo are free to join this movement that must come to pass. Others can go ahead with one Nigeria.

“The UNO and Nigerian governement must not waste time to conduct a referendum to make sure this revelation comes to pass. Nobody can change it. Igbo are destined to have the new Republic and nobody can stop it. Nigerian governement has failed to declare bandits and killer herdsmen as terrorists only to insist that IPOB as an organization seeking for freedom is one. This cannot continue. Thus says the Lord.

“Those who say they are not part of Biafra can now have their way. United Igbo Republic is what God has ordained to actualize the freedom.

“The Nigerian governement is busy preparing for war against the Igbo, acquiring war planes and armoured vehicles but the God of the Igbo is very much alive. He will always do the needful when the time comes. This is what they fail to understand. Ndigbo are special creatures. You can never, repeat, never exterminate them.

“Many innocent Igbo youths have been killed in an attempt to annihilate the race but it is not possible to remove Igbo nation from the surface of the earth. God will soon rise in anger in defense of the Igbo. This new Republic will not be actualized in violence because it is God’s programme. Ndigbo and all Biafra agitators must key to this revelation as directed by the God Almighty, ” the message read.

Bishop Udeh who said that the fasting and praying excersie was the fifth his ministries had observed said he never doubted the message revealed to him by God.

He said in his over twenty years as the servant of God, anything revealed to him would always come to fulfillment.


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