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Heritage Bank-Dukia Gold’ll boost Nigeria’s 200m ounces of gold reserves- FG

The Federal Government has commended Heritage Bank for being part of a valuable private sector collaboration with Dukia Gold & Precious Metals Refining Co. Ltd, saying such partnership stands to create new opportunities for the country to grow its potential reserves of 200 million ounces of gold.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, disclosed this during a Zoom- meet & chat session, a virtual platform at the launch of nationwide Dukia-Heritage Bank Gold & Precious Metals Buying Centres held yesterday in Abuja.

He affirmed that the launch of the expansive project between Heritage Bank and Dukia Gold would enable Nigeria to mine its reserves properly, trade responsibly, refine locally to boost the nation’s foreign reserves.

He stated: “What we are looking at here is an extremely valuable new source of trade, jobs and foreign exchange.

“This project will create primary employment for local artisanal miners and mining cooperatives across the solid minerals value chain. Off-take agreements between Dukia Gold and local mining communities and owners of recyclable gold will be a useful provider of jobs in our post-covid economy.

Credit: The Sun


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