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Hon. Sir Ike (Ikedoji) rekindled solidarity with the Otolo community: Gave an update regarding expectations from the State government

By Ezeakukwu Emmanuel Nsoedo

The member representing Nnewi North LGA at the Anambra State House Assembly, Hon. Sir Augustine Ike (Ikedoji), was enthusiastically received at the monthly meeting of the Otolo Nnewi Development Union meeting.

The mammoth crowd at the meeting was surprised by the appearance of Hon Ike Edoji. The President General of Otolo, Hon Amobi Adukwulu, gave an enthusiastic welcome to Hon. Sir Augustine Ike (Ikedoji) before yielding to the Honourable Member representing Nnewi North Constituency was equally taken aback by the massive number that attended the Otolo Nnewi monthly meeting. Ikedoji confessed, “It would have been a disaster if I had brought the souvenirs I had in mind to share but could not reach them before coming here.”

Ikedoji reiterated that he was there as he usually does from time to time to get in touch with them as his core supporters but as his natural constituents and affinity in brotherhood with them.

As with everything in government, Ikedoji reminded the people that success in executing certain projects in the constituency requires cooperation from the people. They should not hinder projects but ensure that obstacles are not placed in the way of those sent to do the work. He pointed to the case of Bank Road, where several interested persons were not being helpful in the execution of the project.

Hon. Ike urged our people to take advantage of every federal job advertisement, such as the police, as a case in point. He said, “It is true that our people shy away from such jobs, but it can be an interesting career if one gives it a chance.”

“Grab any opportunity for now; if you, however, decide to move to other opportunities in the future, it is still okay to do so.” Ikedoji maintained that as long as he is aware of applicants from Nnewi, it is his avowed commitment to fight that they secure their positions.

Meanwhile, Hon. ike informed the people that the State intends to recruit three thousand and something teachers, but there were over 28,000 applicants. Despite that, he said that he must do everything in his power to ensure that Nnewi applicants should be adequately represented among those short-listed.

Ikedoji graciously informed that “Those presently enjoying the ‘One Youth Two Skills’ grant should know that it was from Hon. Smart Okafor’s program. My own should kick in a very short time.” In the same vein, he maintained that his personal support to various individuals should not attract extra appreciation. “After all, it is a little bit of your money, as well. You sent me there to represent you, so I am sharing some of the money they paid me. I will always try to meet you somewhere.”

Ikedoji informed the meeting that as soon as they pass the budget submitted to the House of Assembly by Governor Soludo, and if he is able to do about 50 percent of what is in the budget, it will transform the entire state.

Hon. Ikedoji used the opportunity to inform all that he had secured his constituency office. The office is opposite St Peter, Odida, Nnewichi, Nnewi. “So, the issue of coming to Awka to see me with all the stress and cost involved should no longer be necessary,” Hon. Ike maintained.

The President General called upon Chief Edwin Ejimbe, a former President General, to give a vote of thanks to Hon. Ike, which he did creditably.


One comment on “Hon. Sir Ike (Ikedoji) rekindled solidarity with the Otolo community: Gave an update regarding expectations from the State government

What he says is what he does. Let’s give him the support needed because he is a PERFORMER.


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