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HRH Igwe K.O.N Orizu III CON inspects the construction work at Oduma Kidney center in Uruagu Nnewi

Chief Okey Chidolue (Oduma Nnenwi) received HRH Igwe K.O.N Orizu III to the main block of the Premium Kidney Hospital under construction at Akwuogananya, Edoji Uruagu, Nnewi.

The magnificent edifice which Oduma Kidney Foundation is promoting is a sight to behold. The intention of Chief Okey Chidolue (Oduma Nnewi) is to toe the line of his forebears by leaving an enduring legacy.

The seeming inability to address the debilitating effect of renal diseases on families should give one cause to worry. Chief Chidolue said that it gave him sleepless night when he thought about it.

Oduma, opined that billions of naira are spent yearly to seek treatment for kidney diseases. Many of these treatments sought abroad often end in failures, he said.

Amongst the reasons for the treatment failures is the fact that the patients only knew after damages had occurred on the kidneys, he argued. Oduma, opine that “early detection is, therefore, critical addressing these issues.”

Oduma claims also that majority of those who benefit from the treatment overseas and very few hospitals that can handle the cases in Nigeria are appear to represent only the very rich class.

The above realities form the critical force behind the engagement of Oduma Kidney Foundation in sourcing revenue to promote an all inclusive center here in Nnewi where opportunity for early detection and management of the disease becomes easily accessible for both the rich class and the every-day folks.

Oduma explained that they will begin with a minimum of 16 dialysis chairs. “The water treatment required for the dialysis operations will be formulated in the designated space here”, he said.

“As time goes on, the hospital will be performing the kidney transplant procedures will be here. Our associates will schedule and perform kidney transfer procedures here in Nigeria. Through the effort of Oduma Nnewi and some like-minds, it is becoming a reality that Nnewi is gearing up to be the health destination for Renal Issues and Transplants, and possibly, Center for Excellence in health well-being.

HRH Igwe Orizu could not hide the excitement he felt at what he saw, especially when he learnt that all the equipment are right now in Nigeria.

Igwe while calling upon God with kola, to pour blessings on his son, Chief Okey Chidolue and the larger family, insisted that his late father would be so happy that his son nurtured this brilliant idea for humanity.

Igwe took time to articulate the benefits that await his sons and daughters of the town. “That God keeps blessing Nnewi through this type of selfless acts as you just did”.

The members of Chidolue family, and the kindred expressed their joy to HRH for coming to see the construction before the proposed service commencement.

At this point, the Crown Prince, Prince Obianefo Orizu reminded Oduma that he was here in November 2020, when he commenced the project, and promised that it will be finished in one year’s time.

Oduma maintained that they are on schedule as he said in November 2020. Oduma reminded all present the huge space behind the main building is for construction for guests and other supporting facilities.

Mazi Chidolue, the elder of the Chidolue family, Prince Obieze Orizu, Ezeakukwu Emma Nsoedo (Ph.D.), and the project manager, Engr Obidiegwu, among others, were present at the project inspection visit.


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