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HRH Igwe Orizu III mesmerized the Chief Medical Director of NAUTH, Associate Prof Joseph Ugboaja (OON), with words of adulation

By Ezeakukwu Emmanuel Nsoedo

HRH Igwe KON Orizu III inspected some projects at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital’s (NAUTH) permanent site.

Amongst the several projects he visited were the Igwe Orizu ICT Center, the Water park landscape with its island and recreational facilities, the Paediatrics Emergency Complex, the Medical Ward Complex, Muhammadu Buhari Mother and Child Centre NAUTH Nnewi, several ongoing building constructions, and the Amenity Ward Complex.

The CMD was on hand to receive HRH Igwe Orizu III at the entrance gate of NAUTH premises to commence action.

It has been established that the rapid development of structures at the permanent site by Associate Prof Ugboaja was to facilitate the dream of positioning NAUTH as a medical destination place in West Africa.

Following the inspection of the Igwe Orizu ICT Centre, the Crown Prince, Dr. Obi Orizu, explained to the entourage of Igwe Orizu and the CMD of NAUTH that “Igwe’s hopes and aspirations for the activities going on at the NAUTH’s permanent site has so overwhelmed him.” “The frenetic pace at which the site changes with each visit Igwe makes here prompted HRH to decide to build the ICT as a way to show support to the CMD and his team .”

The CMD and his core management team conducted HRH Igwe to inspect the structures and the complimenting equipment.

HRH Igwe Orizu used the kola nut to pour blessings on the CMD. He vividly recalls that anybody who had been to the permanent site for about five years could not believe the level of development that had taken place.

Igwe Orizu pointed out that “Ugboaja received meager resources to work with. He didn’t pocket it; rather, he magnified the value exponentially.” Igwe continued, “This is the stepping stone to many opportunities waiting for you out there.”

“If you could do all these within two years to make the movement to the permanent site just under two years of tenure a reality, I insist you get another tenure to conclude the wonderful work you have begun.”

“What also impressed me is how you work well with your core team. You have always worked together as a great team, just like siblings.”

Although Igwe and Ugboaja had shared a special father and son relationship during the breaking of kola, HRH Igwe Orizu referred to the CMD, Ugboaja, as his nna ochie (maternal relations)” and implied that better things will still come from him.

Chief Kanu, the vice Chairman of the Igwe Nnewi cabinet, thanked the CMD, Associate Prof Ugboaja, and the management for the gifts they presented to HRH Igwe Orizu.

Chief Kanu recalled how he coordinated raising funds for the hospital, but he confessed what he witnessed in the short period that Ugboaja had been here as the CMD.

On the part of NAUTH, Mrs Chinyere Onwuka reiterated the sentiment many speakers had expressed. She concluded that they had never had it this good.

She recalled being here when Prof Mbonu was the CMD until Prof Igwegbe’s time. There had never been a time when the staff ran after a CMD, but Associate Prof Ugboaja is just a phenomenon. He embraced all of them and addressed the staff’s aspirations.

She reiterated the mantra dream from the action of CMD Ugboaja of “one hundred percent conversation and one hundred percent promotion.”

She explained to HRH Igwe Orizu that Ugboaja has the greatest team that works with one mind. She thanked the CMAC, Dr. Ezejiofor, and the deputy CMAC for always working as a team to keep the dream alive.

Mrs. Onwuka thanked His Royal Highness for always working very closely with the CMD and prayed to God to grant Igwe many more years so that he keeps coming back to see more development at the site.

She also expressed gratitude to the Cabinet members for acknowledging that Ugboaja is the real game changer.


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