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Igbos most vulnerable victims of violence in Nigeria – Obiozor

Vows to change the narrative

Consensus candidate for the position of President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Professor George Obiozor, has declared that the Igbos are the most vulnerable victims of violence in the country.

Obiozor, who briefed reporters on Monday on why he should be elected to lead the Igbo social cultural organisation, said that ‘the most urgent and imperative need of Ndigbo today is security. The security of Ndigbo in Nigeria and beyond has become a compelling primary responsibility and of serious concern to Ndigbo.

‘At home in Nigeria, the story of insecurity of Ndigbo has reached in reverently dangerous level of existential threat. Ndigbo are indeed in terms of security , the most vulnerable and victims of violence throughout Nigeria,’ Obiozor said.

He added: ‘They are the most exposed to physical violence, attacks and destruction of their houses or properties at the slightest crisis in any part of Nigeria.

‘In fact, this victim syndrome, vulnerability and insecurity has gone beyond our shores. In Ghana, South Africa, etc. There must be a solution to the insecurity problems of Ndigbo at home and abroad.

‘There are are ways of doing this and and there are certainly Ndigbo who are capable of either helping to contain the propensity towards violence against Ndigbo or persuading the appropriate authorities to do so. In matters of this nature, nowledgeable leadership is sine qua non – a necessity,’ Obiozor stated.

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