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Justice has not been served, says Magu

A counsel to embattled former acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Tosin Ojaomo on Tuesday lamented that justice has not been served on Ibrahim Magu’s case.

Ojaomo stated this during an interview on Channels TV – ‘Politics Today’ monitored by The Nation.

The Nation reports the Ayo Salami-led presidential panel was commissioned to investigate the suspended acting chairperson of the anti-graft agency.

He said: “Suddenly, no report came out, and another appointment was made… Justice has clearly not been done in this matter, to Magu, we are talking about people’s integrity, reputational damage has been done to people.

“It is not just about Magu alone, there are other people at the commission that have been suspended, all these people, their integrity is now at stake as if their matter is a forgotten matter.

“When it comes to issue of justice, the words of Justice Oputa always come to my mind, who talked about issue of justice, he said justice is a 3-way traffic; justice to the complainant, justice to the accuser and to the society..

“In this matter, justice has not been served to the Nigerian people because everyone was expecting to know the outcome of the investigation. There were lot of news in the media about Magu, and people have now been put on suspense.

When asked about if the outcome of the report was not in Magu’s favour going by the President’s new nomination, he said it would be speculative to dismiss that the report is not in Magu’s favour.

“It would be speculative to say the report was not in Magu’s favour, ordinarily, inquiries have been conducted in this country, and report have been released and people have been able to make their own independent judgement from the report of the investigation but in this case, an investigation was conducted, and report was not released, everything was just media reportage that people are relying on.

“At least this is what they call government should be accountable to the people, the government should let us know the reason for this indecision.”

Credit: The Nation


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