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Magistrates And Accused Persons Meet In Public Vehicles In Niger State — Chief Judge Abdulmalik

Abdulmalik said the Izom Magistrate court had partially collapsed, describing the insufficient allocation to fund capital projects in the judiciary as appalling and embarrassing.

The chief judge said that the monthly allocations released to the state judiciary are grossly inadequate to take care of their needs.

She said the allocations received used to “pay for the judges’ rents, national and international conferences and carry out capital projects”, adding that the High Court complex is in dire need of upgrade by way of reconstruction, rehabilitation, and re-roofing.

“Since the creation of the state, the High Court conference hall is yet to be completed. If when completed, the hall will serve as our meeting point and Conference Centre and venue for our in- house capacity-building training.

Speaking at the special court session to mark the 2023/2024 Legal Year which took place at the High Court complex in Minna, the state capital, she decried the dilapidated conditions of some courts in Niger, blaming the state government for its failure of disbursing funds to the judicial arm.

He noted that inadequate funding, overcrowded correctional centers, and shortage of legal professionals particularly from the public bar were responsible for the effective implementation of the administration of Criminal administration of Justice.

Credit: The Nigeria Lawyer


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