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Mixed reactions as El-Rufais son queries need for driving license

The question on why northerners need a driving license to use their vehicles in a country they own by the son of Kaduna Governor, Bashir El-Rufai has elicited flurry of reactions on social media

Bashir’s tweet was in response to a twitter user, who claimed citizens can drive in northern Nigeria without licenses for 20 years.

The user had tweeted: “You can drive a vehicle in the north for more than 20 years without a license,” to which the El-Rufai’s son replied, “why should we need licenses to drive on roads in a country that we own?”

Over time, Bashir is known to always stir controversy on social media, especially twitter.

While many wondered if his response was sarcasm, others hinged his reply as to saying the northerners own the country.

@KingTishe said: “A license is needed just to be clear drivers are fit for the road so as not to put other road users in danger.”

Rachel Njeze tweeted: “@UchePOkoye is correct, his tweet doesn’t mean what you just quoted. I’ve lived in Kaduna for 10 years (2004 – 2014).

“The only time I was stopped by the FRSC was when I was answering call while driving, just after station round about. Ur reaction ehh.”

@kaycdgreat said: “Imagine what a Governor’s son is saying, someone who is supposed to set example for others is even saying we don’t need a liscense to drive in 2021 In 21st century.”

@ItzAdole said: “Even if its sarcasm, you are goofing. Drivers license is a permit but a certification that you have learned to drive a car, truck and vehicle. Lmao imagine a governors son imagine.”

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