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`My son was killed in my presence’, woman tells investigative panel

The National Human Rights Commission panel investigating allegations of human rights violations against the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) heard on Tuesday in Abuja how policemen in Rivers killed a young man in the presence of his mother.

Petitioner Mrs Victoria Agori made the allegation while testifying before the panel on a case she filed asking for the prosecution of the police officers that killed her son, Daniel Agori and the release of his body for burial.

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“Daniel Agori did not make any statement before they killed him like a chicken.

“These policemen are bad people.  They called me mother of a kidnapper and cultist but my son was neither a kidnapper nor a cultist.

“He was a footballer and hairstylist. He was to travel to Spain.”

When asked by James Idachaba, the respondent’s counsel, if the panel was the only place she had taken her case to, Agori said no, pointing out however, that the Federation of International Women Lawyers and some human rights activists had been helpful.

She told the panel that she had been threatened repeatedly by unknown telephone numbers and that it was due to such threats that she had to leave Port Harcourt.

Credit: The Sun

Agori said that the police had been telling her for over a year that they were investigating the matter but that there had been no outcome on the investigation.

Earlier, Counsel to Agori, Mr Abiodun Olutekunbi, told the panel that the petitioner and her two sons, late Daniel and David and one Silver Ogbonna, Daniel’s fiancé were bundled to the Unit Command at Aluu in  Ikwerre, Rivers on May 10, 2019.

He alleged that on arrival at the station, after a brief chat between SP. Justine Adaka and DSP. Yusuf Bello, in the presence of the petitioner the policemen ordered that the Daniel should be killed immediately.

The counsel disclosed that the deceased was detached from a joint handcuff and blindfolded with a shirt and shot to death at point-blank range.

Olutekunbi also alleged that Daniel’s mum was bleeding from her private part because the nozzle of a gun was used by the policemen to assault her.

Asked what he wanted the panel to do for his clients, the lawyer said: “We want the panel to order the prosecution of SP. Justine Adaka, DSP. Yusuf Bello and Musa before a court of competent jurisdiction.

“We also seek the order of the panel for the immediate release of the corpse of Daniel Agori for proper burial.

“We further pray for the order of the panel for compensation of one billion naira.”

He also prayed for an order of the panel to subpoen the public relations officer of the Inspector-General of Police Monitoring Unit in Rivers.

The panel Chairman, Justice Suleiman Galadama, adjourned the matter until Jan. 26 next year for continuation of hearing. 



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