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NAUTH CMAC Decries Exodus Of Doctors From Nigeria

Ojo Isaac

The Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee (CMAC) of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH) Nnewi, Anambra State Dr Joseph Ugboaja has decried the mass exodus of doctors from Nigeria.

Dr Ugboaja who is also the chairman, covid-19 taskforce of the hospital the development is very unfortunate.

“It is really an unfortunate thing because we don’t even have enough doctors for the country. It also has a negative implication for healthcare delivery in the country.

“What I believe we should be asking ourselves is; how did we get here? This honest enquiry will reveal both the remote and immediate causes of this unfortunate situation.

NAUTH CMAC however opined that the government has a lot of role to play in stopping the ugly trend of exodus of not only doctors but healthcare workers to other countries.

“Government should pay more attention to Health and commit more resources towards health care development. The WHO bench mark of fifteen percent of national budget going to Health has never been achieved in Nigeria.

“Our Health budget hovers around five percent of the total budget which cannot guarantee significant development in the sector. So the doctors are frustrated and want to leave for countries with better amenities and remuneration.” He explained.

Dr Ugboaja expressed the optimism that if the government improves funding for the health sector, the nation may experience a drop in the rate at which the doctors and medical practitioners leave the country.


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