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Nigeria Situation Is Attributable To Cumulative Failure Of Successive Administrations, Chief Azuka Insists

By Isaac Ojo

The former president of Ohaneze Ndigbo in Kano State, Chief Chris Chukwubuzor Azuka says the situation Nigeria finds herself today is attributable to accumulated effect of failure by successive governments in the country.

Chief Azuka who was speaking with journalists in his residence in Oba, Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State said that there is tendencies to have a distorted picture of what is happening if the incumbent administration is made to bear all the blames.

He pointed out that many of the challenges confronting Nigeria today are actually not created by the government of the day but that the problems have multiplied in the present reality.

The former Ohaneze Ndigbo boss who was Special Adviser to the former governor of Kano State, Sen Ibrahim Shekarau on Inter-Community Relations stressed the need for more intelligent conversations when issue confronting the nation are being discussed.

He said emphatically that each regime has failed to address the challenges of insecurity which has become a monster in the present reality noting that this is more so as a result of poor investment on education and human capital.

“Out of school children today in Nigeria stands at thirteen million, this huge pool of neglected human would be negatively mobilized by unscropulous politicians if things are not done to immediately address the situation.” Chief Azuka noted.

Asked on the way out of the woods, Chief Azuka said that there is urgent need for huge investment on human capital and proper governance.

“Most of the issues confronting Nigeria as a nation can be addressed if we have a tradition of electing intelligent and responsible persons in a free, fair and credible elections, these issues cannot be addressed with badly conducted elections.

“The current political system that encourages rigging and manipulation to favor certain individuals especially the affluent persons and in the process deny educated men and women of vision, integrity and excellence cannot help us.

“Every country is a product of her constitution, the Nigeria constitution is fundamental to the problems, I think we should have a people oriented constitution driven towards national development. We must always remember that all the laws of the land derived from the constitution and anyone who comes through the backdoor to get to the corridors of power will certainly not respect the constitution. That is why we must take a critical look at the nation’s electoral system.” The Ohaneze Ndigbo boss declared.

He said emphatically that Nigeria from 1999 till date cannot boast of having history of credible elections.

“In 2015, President Muhamadu Buhari came on board after three attempts, this happened because the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) failed to address the issue of corruption, insecurity and unemployment after sixteen years in power, President Buhari because of his anti corruption disposition became a beneficiary.” He observed.

Asked to comment on the level of borrowing that has characterized the administration of President Buhari, Chief Azuka said that successive Nigerian government will continue to borrow until those in leadership embrace saving as a viable economic policy.

“From 1999-2015, Nigeria enjoyed economic boom, it was sixteen years of national abundance, nothing tangible was done that time. The refineries were not working, the roads were not fixed even there was nothing like investment on infrastructure. So what did the leaders do with the huge resources at their disposal at that time, we should ask them. Nigeria will not move forward until Nigerians really possess the power to hire and fire the leaders.” He said.

Commenting on Anambra State governorship election, Chief Azuka appealed to the good people of the state to redefine political leadership and return Anambra State to winning ways.

He pointed out that there is urgent need to reinvent Anambra State to reflect her past glories noting that this can be achieved when money politics and godfatherism is discouraged.

“Rice and beans politicians should be rejected for people with ideas. Community and religious leaders should play active role to short-circuit vote buying system that will not take the state anywhere.” He concluded.


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