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Nigerians are “terribly angry” over insecurity, economic hardship – Bishop Kukah

Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah says Nigerians are “terribly angry” over widespread insecurity and economic hardship in the country.

He stated this during a virtual interview with academic and historian, Toyin Falola.

Kukah lamented that anyone trying to draw attention to the anomalies and their implications on the nation is tagged an enemy of the government and accused of inciting the public.

However, the cleric said that Nigerians were not asking for too much by demanding security of lives and property.

Kukah said, “The challenge is for us to create a conducive environment and this is why I worry about this government because the government has not created a narrative that points in a direction that we should be going.

“We don’t expect the President to do everything, we are not expecting angels, but it is that a nation has to survive on a vision about where we are going and how we are going to get there.

“But when you raise this question, people begin to think that you are an enemy of the state or that you are inciting citizens.

“You don’t need to incite anybody in Nigeria because government has created an environment for that development by making loose a bunch of people going around killing everyone. Who do you need to incite? You can only incite the government to take its responsibility to secure our country, it is not too much to ask.”

Credit: The Herald


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