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Nnewi Princess Empowers Widows

The wife of the Crown Prince Of Nnewi Kingdom Princess Ebele Orizu has charged wealthy Nigerians to reach out to widows and the oppressed in the society as a way of giving back to society.

Speaking at weekend during the empowerment of widows as part of activities marking her birthday in Abuja Princess Orizu stated that the passion to assist widows was borne out her desire to give back to society.

Slogan – BIG BLUE HEART started a few years back in her community Nnewi but that over the years she has decided to expand it to other widows outside Nnewi.

According to Princess Orizu “I started out few years ago with giving Christmas gifts to widows at the women’s end of year meetings and silently giving alms in monetary forms to whoever my heart sees.

“I got moved when I first saw someone call out few women at a function and tagged them ( JESUS wives ) to bless them with gifts. I asked the meaning of Jesus wives and I was told that they are widows and have only JESUS as their husbands, and that was how my desire to help widows started out.
As it is always said, charity begins at home. And that is why I started in my community, but with time, I plan to get to other communities through Christ who strengthens me.

Princess Orizu noted that “my aims and objectives is to provide different free services like:
* Vocational training
* Aids in business start up
* Support in health care services
* Alms giving
* Counselling

“My mission and vision is to be the primary support and platform for the oppressed widows. I decided to stop doing it silently and be loud about it so as to reach to as many women as I can.

Princess Orizu said that “No one person can solve the world’s problem, but every little helps.

We just had the inauguration of the NGO (Desire for Widows Organisation) and to celebrate my birthday with them. I gave out parliatives and money, we prayed, ate, they were advised and counselled. I’ve spent a few millions with greatfulness and gratitude to God since I started this journey. I have joy in my BIG BLUE HEART!


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