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Nnewi Sports Club bestows various Honorary titles on some members

By Ezeakukwu Emmanuel Nsoedo

The Nnewi Sports Club leadership and members conferred prestigious honorary titles to key deserving members. The privilege is in line with the tradition of the club to always appreciate members who have distinguished themselves.

The classes of titles conferred were Ozor titles, the Celebrity, and Patron. Each of the categories has some special rights and responsibilities that go hand in hand.

Earlier, the President of the Club, Hon Ugo Uzodike announced that it has been an honor to fulfill the wishes of the various constituting organs of the club to recognize the honorees today.

To that effect, he extends congratulations to all the honorees. He reiterated what it takes to recognize a person as a Patron of the club whose privileges were extended to Sir Innocent Osuizugbe (Nnatubeugo) and Chief Godfrey Adamu Aneto (Chinyelugo).

The Patrons have invested in the club and influenced their friends to support the Club extraordinarily. With that, he congratulated them on behalf of the members.

Several members supported the conferment of the beneficiaries with donations.

Those honored with Ozor titles were: Muoneke Paul, Iwuchukwu Ebuka, Eze Ihenwe Friday, Izunna Ubah, and Hon Obichukwu Raphael.

The celebrity beneficiaries were Adione Ifeanyi who received the title of Urukachukwu and Obichukwu Raphael received the title of Ochendo Nwachinemelu.

The Patronship was given to Chief Sir Innocent Osuizugbe with the title of Nnatulugo, and Chief Godfrey Aneto, with the title of Oneluora.


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