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No APC in Rivers without me – Abe

Former lawmaker representing Rivers South-East senatorial district, Senator Magnus Abe, has declared that nobody could wish him away in the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State.

He stated this when he addressed APC stakeholders in Bera community in Gokana Local Government Area of the state.

Senator Abe, whose invitation to Bera (though his community) was by the decision of APC leadership in the area for him to douse members’ fear, stressed that nobody could push him out of the party.

He said: “There is nobody in Nigeria, there is nobody in Rivers State, who would say there is no APC in Gokana. Can anybody say that? And you can also see that because of the love that my people have shown to me, because of the love and respect that Ogoni people have shown me, it is now clear to the whole of Nigeria, to the whole of Rivers State that, it would be impossible, I repeat the word impossible, to do the politics of APC here in Rivers State without you and me.

“I came here today, to tell you that the national said we should be patient. We have been patient; continue to be patient. Let us wait; when they take their decision, we will know, if they fail to take a decision after everything they have said, they would also explain to you and we’ll know. But, nobody should shake.”

Senator Abe stressed that the APC under President Muhammadu Buhari leadership, belongs to no particular person, noting that no political party survives without crowd.

He stated: “It belongs to all of us, no matter your power, money, without the people you cannot do politics, you are the people.

“The voice of the people is the voice of God, consistently, the people have been clear that what is happening in APC in Rivers State is wrong. Everybody, committee and panel that have looked at the issues objectively, had said that what is happening here is wrong.

“All we need is those that would have the courage to fix what is wrong, so that the party can move on. If that is done, the party will move on, success would be ours.”

“So, remain resolute, don’t shake, don’t fear, anybody that knows where he or she is going would not be afraid when people push you because you know where you are going.”

Credit: Daily Sun


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