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Obi Cubana on the list of ‘person of interest’ when abroad – Adeyanju

Activist Deji Adeyanju has explained the probable consequence of the grandiose ceremony and excessive money splash at ‘Oba’ on the billionaire business man, Obi Cubana.

After the glaring ‘show of wealth’ by the nightlife boss and his numerous associates at the burial ceremony/carnival of his late mum, Deji Adeyanju warned Obi Cubana to slow down on his open display of opulence to avoid ending up in jail.

The activist joining those questioning the source of business mogul’s wealth said he may end up in jail like Hushpuppi based on how he is spending money.

Deji Adeyanju wrote:“This was how some of us kept asking what Hushpuppi was doing that he was throwing money up and down but we were called names and insulted. Today, he is in an American jail.

“Hushpuppi once made several videos mocking me that I am jealous of him. That I should focus on politicians, activism and allow him to enjoy his money. Today, how far? We cannot watch you guys negatively brainwash young people and say nothing.”

In a more recent post, the activist claimed the socialite will now be closely watched by top security agencies with keen interest whenever he travels out of the country.

According to Adeyanju, the Cubana Group boss money show during his late mum’s funeral has now necessitated his dishing out series of explanations.

The activist implied all that may befall the businessman henceforth is self-inflicted as he didn’t have to put himself in the ‘trouble-spelt’ spotlight.

He wrote: “If Obi Cubana had acted responsibly last week, he won’t need all these explanations now.

“Every time he’s travelling abroad, he will be watched as a “Person of Interest”.

“The financial and security world exchange intel.

“He didn’t need to draw so much attention to himself.”

Credit: The Nation


One comment on “Obi Cubana on the list of ‘person of interest’ when abroad – Adeyanju


I don’t know why some lgbo so much hanker after and publicly adore wealth, Could it be possible that those involved are driven not.by need and want but by sheer greed and perhaps jealousy. No other good values seems to now appeal to most lgbo youth other than riches and wealth. The earlier ideals of a good education and average life. Aspiring to be like Kenneth Dike, Pius Okigbo, Chike Obi no longer matters. It’s to be like Obi Cubana and Hushpuppi. It is a social anachronism.


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