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Obi Uruagu alleged kidnapping: Time to address the unfortunate incident

Ezeakukwu Emmanuel Nsoedo (PhD)

The alleged kidnapping of Obi Uruagu, Obi Afam Obi was stuff made of legends, only in this case, it was not fiction but a devastating reality to the family, Uruagu quarter, and Nnewi people in general.

It was sacrilegious to say the least, but there is a higher implication which portends huge danger and potential liability for our revered institutions, coupled with the fact that it will amount to the proverbial encounter between the cock and the wild pussycat.

Recall that the wild pussycat used to be afraid of the cock’s comb and thus, would run off each time he encounters the cock. The cock asked the pussycat why he was always running away from him whenever they meet. The pussycat responded to the cock that he was afraid of the fire he used to carry on his head.

The cock was bemused by what the pussycat told him, and coerced him to come and feel the comb. The pussycat tepidly walked up to the cock and cautiously felt the comb, only to realize that it was the softest part of the cock. To cut the story short the pussycat made a meal out of the cock, and it has been that way ever since.

It will be tempting for the criminal elements to capitalize on this incident to wreck havoc on the soft underbelly of the Nnewi community, which prides itself on an unfettered access to people that manage the people’s affairs at the various layers of leadership structure (the Isi Obi).

We at Vision Newspapers are pained that the story making rounds sooner or later would degenerate to the level where Obi Uruagu and his handlers wont be able to drive the narrative but will permanently remain on the defensive.

A lot is riding on this saga for the fact that the innocent members of the community and neighboring towns also felt the trauma of waiting to face their own unknown. Whether the way of life as they knew it had become a thing of the past.

Many people are equally debating openly why the police is not taking a discernible action regarding the disappearance and reappearance of the Obi Uruagu.

Nevertheless, we hope that the tension-soaked past months will give way to mature accommodation for the time being to allow peace to reign


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