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Omepuruchukwu Charity Foundation offsets hospital bills for 2 indigent patients

From Ifeoma Ejiofor

Omepuruchukwu Charity Foundation has become a house hold name when it comes to alleviating the suffering of the downtrodden and the less privileged persons in the society.

The Creator of the foundation, Chief Nicholas Nsoedo (Omepuruchukwu Anaedo) on Saturday picked the hospital bills for two indigent nursing mothers at St Benedict Hospital and Maternity Umudim-Nnewi, Anambra State.

The beneficiaries this time around are Miss Kaosi Egbosimba and Miss Mmesoma Nnadi, a teenager from Utuh Nnewi South LGA who has been in the hospital for months because she could not offset her medical bills after giving birth through Cesarian Section (CS)

Kaosi Egbosimba’s ordeal actually started on 15th October when she fell into labour unexpectedly and onlookers were taking pictures of her.

As fate would have it, a member of Omepuruchukwu Charity Foundation, Evang Mrs Ojukwu Glory on her way to a program saw group of people gathered and some were taking pictures of the girl in labour with their phones at St Thomas Otolo-Nnewi.

Mrs Glory’s attention was drawn to a teenage girl in labour and she took charge of the situation and ensured that the teenager was rushed to St Thomas Hospital popularly known as Akwudo.

Because of the fact that the girl had not been attending antenatal clinic, she developed some complications and a nurse suggested that she be rushed to Egbu-Umuenem Health Center where antenatal and delivery is almost free.

Mrs Ojukwu pointed out that when they reached Egbu-Umuenem Health Center, it was discovered that Kaso would need a Cesarian Section (CS) and that the services of a medical doctor would be needed.

She said that Kaosi’s case was even complicated because she has already had a CS in the past and that she at that point called the attention of Chief Nicholas Nsoedo (Omepuruchukwu Anaedo) to the development.

Evang Mrs Ojukwu said further that joyfully, Omepuruchukwu Anaedo gave his consent and Kaosi was transferred to St Benedict Hospital and Maternity Umudim-Nnewi.

“All through the period the girl was in the hospital, Chief Nicholas Nsoedo was the person bringing food and providing for her personal needs. The medical bill of two hundred and ninety four thousand (N294,000) was picked by Omepuruchukwu Charity Foundation on behalf of Miss Kaosi Egbosimba.” She said.

Miss Kaosi Egbosimba who recalled how she was abandoned when she got pregnant said that she was overwhelmed with joy by the demonstration of love and care showered on her by the foundation.

She prayed for God’s blessing on the philanthropist and members of his foundation.

“I pray that sudden death will not be the portion of Chief Nicholas Nsoedo and everyone in Omepuruchukwu Foundation.” Kaosi said.

In a similar development, Miss Mmesoma Nnadi, a teenager from Utuh Nnewi South LGA has been in the hospital for months because she could not offset her medical bills after giving birth, had a turn around as her bill was also picked by Omepuruchukwu Charity Foundation.

The Foundation actually paid two hundred and ninety four thousand(N294,000) medical bills incurred by Miss Mmesoma Nnadi.

Mrs Ijeoma Nnadi, the mother of the teenager was full of praises for Chief Nicholas Nsoedo (Omepuruchukwu Anaedo) for his intervention.

She said as a matter of fact the intervention of Omepuruchukwu Charity Foundation has given her and her daughter as well as the new born baby a new lease of life.

Mmesoma’s mother was seen hurriedly packing her things and left the hospital happily.

The Creator of Omepuruchukwu Charity Foundation, Chief Nicholas Nsoedo (Omepuruchukwu Anaedo) a man of few words, thanked the Almighty God for making him a blessing to the needy.

He expressed his readiness to continue to positively impact his environment and to always lend a helping hand to the needy even as he thumbed up the members of his foundation.


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Omepuruchukwu, you’re a rare gift to humanity. May Elohim of Israel grant you longevity and sustainable health. More grace to make it financially


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