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On the 58th Ofala and the 96th birthday of HRH Igwe Orizu III: NAUTH CMD, Ugboaja marvels at Igwe’s strength and stamina

By Ezeakukwu Emmanuel Nsoedo

The Igwe Nnewi 2021 Ofala celebration was characterized with the usual pump and pageantry accentuated with splendor surrounding the ancient kingdom of Nnewi, the classic palace, its great people, and the distinguished guests in attendance.

The Ofala was quite remarkable because HRH Igwe Orizu celebrated his 96th birthday earlier in the day following the interdenominational service to thank God for the favors of longevity on Igwe and continued prosperity for the industrial town of Nnewi and its people.

Dr. Ugboaja, whose talent and focused doggedness he exhibited has not only earned him a place of honor in Anambra state but has endeared him to Igwe Orizu III akin to his full-blooded son, had also paid homage to the distinguished monarch.

Dr. Ugboaja received royal blessings following the traditional homage from him, his team, and the strong entourage that accompanied him.

Vision Newspapers asked the CMD NAUTH why he made it a point to elaborate on his visit. The CMD felt that “HRH has been his number one supporter who encourages all our endeavors at the hospital. “Besides, he treats me as his son, and that is very special for me.”

Dr. Ugboaja continues, “I love and admire Igwe so much. He was a delight to watch in his old age, he maintains his candor, agility, and convivial nature, doling out royal blessings to all who came to pay homage.

“It was particularly enthralling and exciting to watch him perform the magisterial dance in his full regalia accompanied by members of the council. At 96 years old, he had to go round the palace twice, dancing to the tune of the royal drums in precision to the admiration and delight of all who was there.”

The Chairman of the Igwe in Council, Chief Dan Ulasi, Okosisi Nnewi invited the CMD to sit with the Royal Council. Dr. Ugboaja informed the Vision Newspapers that beyond being surprised by the gesture, that he was nervous about being so accepted.

The CMD was grateful for the facilitation his friend, Prince Chiedu Orizu (Ugwu nna ya), extended to him and his group. He also said Pastor Towas Unachukwu helped to soften the ground for them.

On the high point of the day for him, Dr. Ugboaja said it was when HRH made NAUTH’s relocation to the permanent site a significant feature in Igwe’s address.


One comment on “On the 58th Ofala and the 96th birthday of HRH Igwe Orizu III: NAUTH CMD, Ugboaja marvels at Igwe’s strength and stamina

Igwemadu R.N

My thanks goes to d director of vision newspaper and all d workers for keeping us in touched with d news.I thank God for for d life of HRH IGWE ORIZU 111,May God continue to protect n guide.The occasion of d ofala festival was indeed a great one.May God bless all Nnewi people n our friends that supported d ofala festival 2021.Amen


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