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Otolo Nnewi Age Grade Resolves to Insure Its Members; Commiserates with HRH Igwe Orizu

By Ezeakukwu Emmanuel Nsoedo

The National EXCO of the Otolo Nnewi Age Grade met at its headquarters for the quarter-opening meeting of the year. Among the key decisions it took was to offer life insurance to all its members.

The President General, Sir Innocent Osuizugbe (Last K), and the executive resolved at the last meeting to invite the founding members of the Age Grade to join the National EXCO in articulating the best way to move the organization forward. This was not only to honor them but also to bring them up to speed on the club’s development.

The EXCO used the opportunity to inform the members of the relationship between the Age Grade and Tipsy Barrel, a company that belongs to Prince Sunny Orizu (Akalaka). The meeting ratified the extension for takeoff of the contract between her and Tipsy Barrel to January 2025. This was in consideration to the level of work Prince Sunny Orizu did to elevate the value of the Age Grade property by not only controlling the erosion at the site but had built a magnificent business outfit.

The Age Grade having resolved to cover all members with life insurance mandated all branches of the organization to update their register in order to engage the insurance company with accurate data. In addition to updating their data, the meeting agreed to activate the insurance scheme in December 2024, the President General briefed Vision Newspapers.

The Age Grade also commiserates with His Royal Highness Igwe KON Orizu III for the loss of his first wife, Lolo Catherine Orizu. The meeting resolved to pay a condolence visit to HRH.


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