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Oxygen treatment: Russian doctors experimenting with PRESSURE CHAMBERS to defeat Covid-19

As the world researches vaccines and cures, it is no secret that defeating Covid-19 is everyone’s top priority. In Moscow, some scientists are using a completely different, experimental technique: hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

The procedure works by placing a patient in a pressure chamber and having them breathe in oxygen-rich air. In the chamber, air pressure is much higher than the body is used to, meaning the lungs can breathe in much more pure oxygen, speeding up natural healing processes.

“The procedure aims to avoid transferring the patient to an artificial lung ventilation apparatus,” said Sergey Petrikov, director of the city’s Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine. Also on 50 Russian military volunteers to test homegrown Covid-19 vaccine (VIDEO)

According to the website of Moscow’s mayor, the research institute is trying out HBOT on 25 different patients. Doctors explain that the therapy improves a patient’s general health and decreases shortness of breath. It also enhances the effect of antiviral and antibacterial medication, as well as reducing side effects.

HBOT is already used in the capital as a method of treating inflammation and viral diseases, as well as rehabilitation for those who have suffered from strokes and vascular diseases.

Besides this form of therapy, Moscow has also been working hard on a vaccine. On June 2, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that volunteers had been selected for testing a homegrown coronavirus vaccine. The trial is currently ongoing.

According to official data, Russia has had 449,834 confirmed Covid-19 infections and 5,528 deaths.

Credit: RT


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