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Rivers crisis: I’m dead to fear – Factional Speaker

Factional Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Edison Ehie, has said that the attack and shooting at his residence on Sunday night was political, declaring that he was not afraid of anything.

He has also declared 100 percent support for the state governor, Siminalayi Fubara, vowing that no amount of intimidation, attack and allegations would change his decision.

Ehie stated this on Monday night, adding that the incident was connected to the political upheaval in the state.

He said there were security men in mufti and some in uniform in a white Hilux, who attempted to forcefully gain entrance into his residence, but they were repelled by the security men attached to him.

According to him, two police officers who led the team ordered their men and they started shooting sporadically.

He said: “In fact, you can confirm (the shooting) from neighbours in this vicinity. Nobody could sleep last night. They shot but, to the glory of God, security operatives ably resisted them. And when my domestic staff went up there with their phone and started shouting ‘we are videoing you people, killers’, that was when they took to their heals.

“It is so painful that people can go to that level. How can for whatsoever reason, which of course we all know is connected to the political upheaval in the state now. They don’t care about people family.

He said that the intention of the people who stormed his residence was probably to gain entrance and kill everybody

“Everybody who knows me knows that I am dead to fear, because I believe that the only thing you can kill is the flesh. But, you cannot kill the flesh. So, nothing scares me.”

He continued: “All this started with what happened on 30th of October, when some self-serving lawmakers who were elected to represent their constituents and ensure the dividends of democracy, attempted in a Machiavellian way to impeach the governor elected to represent millions of Rivers people. That is a joke taken too far.”

He noticed that their experience on that day, where the governor, Sim Fubara and his entourage, were teargassed was by the police was to humiliate and intimidate them.Ezoic

“You know that every man dies but once. And if it is a price we have to pay for democracy, then, let’s pay it for the future of our children.”

The factional speaker of the Assembly alleged that since the incident occurred on October 30, he had severally come under attack.

Credit: Daily Sun


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