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Road to 2023: Desist from making political prophecies, archbishop urges religious leaders

Ahead of 2023 general elections, Archbishop of Abuja Catholic Archdiocese, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama, has advised religious leaders, particularly in the Christian faith to desist from engaging in “political prophecy” that are often used to patronise politicians.

He also tasked religious leaders to always resist the temptation to do the bidding of influential people by prophesying electoral victory for them or massaging their ego at private or public meetings.

Speaking at St. James Catholic Church, Dawaki, Abuja, Kaigama lamented the rising number of such religious leaders who derive pleasure in political prophecies, stating that such political patronage had affected the primary responsibility of Christian clerics, which is leading people to Christ.

He said Catholic priests were called to identify with flocks in their social and existential contexts and not to seek comfort, affluence and convenience, and urged ministers from other denominations to do the same.

The cleric advised religious leaders to remain ardent in preaching the truth with courage and not to be deterred even by threats to life because they were called to be the Jeremiah of their time by constantly speaking truth to power. 

“Unfortunately, many religious leaders who are sadly preaching miracles and prosperity are now dabbling into political forecasting in the name of divine prophecy. When they claim that party A or B will win elections in a given state or nation, or that a certain strong political personality will win rather than the other, these are mere fruits of political calculations or pure guess work, and may not be a result of any special supernatural or divine revelation.”

Kaigama maintained that serious religious leaders must not arrogate to themselves prophetic political certitude by such distracting predictions, when they should only be concerned with issues of moral regeneration of lives and the constant call to spiritual decency. 

He said that prophets should worry about people, encouraging them to do away with mentality that rationalises sin, corruption and calls evil, good.

“True prophets don’t just glory in predicting the political future, they are to serve the people of God and to bring God’s word to them, be models and witnesses by the edifying words that come from their lips and the courageous witness of their lives.”

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