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Russia will NOT send military contingent to Afghanistan & has no intention of supporting Taliban terrorist group, says Moscow

Moscow has no intention of sending Russian troops to Afghanistan, the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov revealed on Monday, noting that the Taliban movement does not have any need for military support from anyone.

“Such a step would not meet our interests,” Syromolotov told RIA Novosti. “Furthermore, the new Afghan authorities have restored some order in the country, and they do not need any military assistance.

The Taliban, recognized in Russia as a terrorist organization, announced that it had taken control of Afghanistan on August 15, declaring that it had taken over the entire nation, including its major cities and border checkpoints. On the same day, ousted Afghan president Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

Since then, the group has attempted to convince the international community that it is working to create peace, revealing that it would write a new constitution.

Syromolotov also explained that, despite the Taliban now being in control of a nearby nation, Russia would not remove the group from its list of terrorist organizations. Last week, Moscow’s special presidential representative for Afghanistan expressed the same view.

“For this status to change, the UN Security Council must adopt another resolution,” Zamir Kabulov told online publication Podyem, noting a new decree would have to be made for any change to be enacted in Russia.

“Russia, more than anyone else, has always been a great believer in the observance of international law and the UN Charter. We are not going to violate established rules and order,” he explained.

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the world must now accept the realities of the situation in Afghanistan, noting that Moscow’s focus is now on preventing terrorists from infiltrating Afghanistan’s neighboring countries in the guise of refugees.

“We see that the Taliban have announced the end of combat operations, started restoring public order and promised to guarantee the security of local residents and foreign diplomatic missions,” he noted. “I hope that all this will be materialized.”

Credit: RT News


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